Zach Collaros... What's the big deal?

Before the injury the TI Cats were rolling and destroying teams. They would have hammered both Ottawa and Edmonton in the playoffs in winning the GC. They were close the year before were better in 2015. Since Collaros has been out,the cats have been mediocre at best. The issue now is how will his knee hold up in the future. He suffered a catastrophic knee injury and it will never be 100% !

Collaros is the best QB in the CFL. His greatest assets are his unflappability in the pocket, his quick decision-making, his passing accuracy, his arm strength, his ability to side-step and evade the pass rush, his scrambling ability...and so on. Harris and Reilly might posses some of Collaros' physical skill-set but they are much more skitterish in the pocket, while Zach is cool, calm and in total command. If the Ticats can keep him upright they have an excellent chance to win every game he plays.

Before the injury Collaros was the clear cut favourite for the league MOP.
Same thing so far early in the season for Harris before his injury.
It seems to be an Argo curse for these two.

I know the sample size is small, but Collaros was en fuego prior to the injury. It might take him a while to get back to 100%, but there's no reason to think he won't be that same QB again.

This is why you have to watch the games instead of just looking at the stat sheet, my friend.

I watched both throughout the 2012 season and there was no question to me that Collaros was the far superior QB. Much better at reading coverage an definitely a more accurate passer. Watch Harris when he's under pressure - - he panics in the pocket.

We shall soon see.
Im picking Harris to be more productive over thr mid term. Not the short term while Butris is still kicking around and not the long term, because he is already 30.

It wouldn't surprise me if he played into his late 30s or early 40s too though.

Yeah.. Players with less wear and tear play longer. Steph Logan is a good example.

He must be a Christian, because he is being fed to the Lions.
3 sacks.. on pace for 10...lmao

:lol: Bastard. :lol:

And then some


Zach GLASSaros is once again injured. He is the new Buck Pierce. Bob Young must regret giving him that big fat contract...[/i]

I'm pretty certain John would trade the entire collection of scrubs in Montreal - - Cato, Vern Adams, Jon Crompton and something called a Shane Carden - - for Collaros.

You guys are real lame.. making fun of a guy who is injured. I'd laugh at your injuries but I dont think you guys get off your asses long enough to get injured. Maybe a back injury from trying to stand up.

.....Looked like shoulder separation to me...Bad luck for Zach..Just getting back into action and now this...Gotta feel for the guy...Guess the cats will have to go with Masoli oil and hope to slide into the postseason..

Guess Barker was right. He is the next Buck.

I take no pleasure in any player's injury, but I do take some mild pleasure in pointing out how quickly we've gone from "Zach is teh best QB EVAR!!!!!!1!1!1" to "Zach may be the new Buck Pierce."

One great half-season of football doesn't mean you're going to be a Hall of Famer in this league.

A hot start to the season doesn't guarantee you're going to blow away every QB record there ever was.

Some perspective, maybe, next time, please. :wink:

Taking a good look at this how is this possibly not flagged as either UR or RQB ? Hughes takes Collaros down full tilt bulldog style and comes down with his full weight pancaking a totally defenceless Zach. An unfortunate and an obviously missed call once again by the officials. So what else is news ? and no when I say missed call I'm referring to all teams and all games this season. I would be saying the same thing regardless of who or where they happen to play not because it happened to be against the Cats qb.

lets face it ... a QB is only as good as his O line and if his receivers can catch a ball. Is Zach the best today... no, but he is a good QB. I don't like seeing any starting QB out, makes for bad football! JMO

I have no problem with the hit itself. It wasn't late -- replay makes it look late but really that was a bang-bang play -- and he didn't target the head or the knees. What I do find excessive, and what should have led to a flag IMO, is how Hughes kind of launches himself into the air after making contact with Collaros. Take the QB to the turf but don't pivot your weight so that he's taking your full body mass as he hits the ground.