Zach Collaros... What's the big deal?

Harris was ahead of him on the depth chart and somehow despite being lights out in the 2012 preseason, Colaros waltzes in training camp in 2013 and takes the back up roll.
Then with very lite body of work, Colaros jumps over to the Cats with a huge raise and the Cats actually fire the future MOP.
To his credit, the team finishes exactly the same place as the previous season.
Then the next season he is hurt and the injury drags into thr next season
While being injured he gets a new contract making him the highest paid player in the league.
For some one who has yet to throw for 10000 yards after almost a half decade in the league, I just shake my head.

7 spelling mistakes.

It is a fair argument I suppose he doesn’t have a MASSIVE body of work, but just watch the guy play. But if stats are your thing then take a second to look at these.

Over his career so far he has thrown for 9054 yards, just a thousand short of your benchmark of 10,000, which he will amass this year if he stays healthy. In his 25 starts for Hamilton, he is averaging 265 yards per game and has thrown for over 300 yards eight times.

Before his injury last year he was top QB in the league throwing 25 TDs to just 8 INTs and had already thrown for over 3000 yards, in a perfect world where he finished the season he was on pace to finish the season with a stat line resembling this:
5063 yards, 70% completion, 37 TDs, 11 INTs … not to mention the Cats were on there way to something like a 12-6 record and that would have been in they went 4-3 down the stretch.

Collaros is the real deal, he proved it when he replaced Ray, he proved it when he replaced Burris and led the team back to the Grey Cup …without the help of Dan LeFevour like Burris had, and last year he was torching the league before the turf monster chewed his leg apart.

I understand that he hasn’t been around for a long time, but as long as injuries don’t wreak havoc the rest of his career, you’re going to have to get used to him being around. By the looks of your OP you might not have made this post in the best of mental state so I will give you a pass Bungle :wink:

I counted over 10 you are generous lol

What I can't figure out is: who is this Colaros guy? I couldn't find him on the Ticats roster, or at anytime in it's history going way back to the Tigers. Googling wasn't much help, I was able to find a few people on Facebook with that name, some with it as a last name, some with a first, none of them football players and I was able to learn that it's a form of the Spanish word 'colar' which means to filter or skim...

Seriously, I'm at a loss here...

Highest paid player in the league though? I think that was Bungle's point before he bit his tongue. I kind of lost the ability to follow towards the end there...

Yeah, I counted 10 too with the most obvious being the player's name. Plus punctuation errors. Perhaps Bungle should ease off on chugging the Aqua Velva before he finds something else to complain about in this league.

You might be right but is there actually any proof he is the highest paid player? I imagine there are a few guys who get paid more, just tried to do a google search and predictably came up with nothing of any merit, could be wrong.

Regardless as a Cats fan, doesn’t matter to me if he is highest paid player he has been worth every penny when he has been healthy and without a stupid block in the back penalty he’d have a Grey Cup ring right now. I hope Collaros is here for next 5-10 years, we haven’t had a young promising quarterback in the Hammer for a few decades now.

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I was rushing because I had something on the stove. Thats why it got worse the further I got....haha
I took spell check off, because Id rather spell something wrong, than say something completely diferent.
I still have my spell suggestions turn on, and Colaros is a word. I was in Colombia for three months last year, so maybe that explains it...haha.
Im not saying Colaros is a bad QB, but a 5000 yard season isnt as big of a deal as it used to be( not with 18 games anyways)
The Red Blacks are on pace for over 7000 yards this season.

The CFL needs it's QB stars.

ZC is one of the stars who makes it exciting.

Only Bungle could find something negative in that.

Now that the stove is off, do you know DIFERENT is spelled with 2 f 's ?

Maybe I should have done my other thread choice on why there are so many hurt QBs.
Like since the start of 2014, Ever single starter has been out for a significant amount of time. Many teams have had multiple qbs down at the same time and many QBs have beem out 2 and even 3 times.Just off the top of my head.
Lulay(twice) Mitchell, Reilly, Durrant(3 times) Smith Nichols, Willy,Tate, Brohm, Collaros, Ray(three times),Lefevour, Crompton,Burris,Harris.
Im sure I missed a bunch too.
What can be done?

Bungle says so. Is that not good enough for you? :wink:

I did find this:

According to TSN’s Matt Scianitti, Collaros’ contract is worth a total of $1.5 million over three years and his base salary in 2017 will be $520,000 without bonuses. That would make him the highest-paid quarterback in the CFL, moving him past surefire Hall-of-Famers like Ricky Ray and Henry Burris as well as stars such as Mike Reilly and Bo Levi Mitchell.
[url=] ... ks-ticats/[/url]

Nonetheless, your point is made. His importance can not be overlooked.

Well, they are seeming to cope without him pretty well. There obviously has to stipulations in that contract that he will recover from this injury. Could you imagine if thid was the NHL and that contract was guaranteed,and he never played another down?

Three QB's I feel are the real deal - Zach Collaros, Trevor Harris and Mitch Gale. Of course there are others, but the three I mentioned stand outs.

We have been coping well without him, but with him they were the class of the league. Lets not forget how good the Cats were before he went out last year.

52-26 v.s Wpg
34-18 v.s Tor
38-8 v.s Wpg
52-22 v.s BC
49-20 v.s Edm
42-12 v.s Tor

6/8 wins were absolutely domination from start to finish, then then three losses were by less than a touchdown.

Cats are fine without him, but scary as hell with him at the helm.

Wouldnt that be something if all three were starters next season and Tornto was still stuck with Ray,or some retread like Durrant.

Meow meow... WHen the Ticat fans don't know how to respond, because a dude is right, they resort to juvenile attacks on the form (spelling). :thdn:

[i]Whole new bungle is right on the money with this assertion :thup:

Zachy had a good season in 2014, and a great two thirds of a season in 2015. That's it!

Also consider,

-he has never thrown for 5000 yards in a season
-he has never thrown for 4000 yards in a season
-he has never led the CFL in passing yards in a season
-has never thrown 30 TDs in a season
-has only thrown 20 or more TDs in a season once
-has never led the league in passing TDs
-has never been MOP
-is injury prone

Wow! SHovelface must have been drunk when he made him the highest paid player in the CFL!

Hamilton dudes think that Zach is the 1984 Ghostbusters movie.

He can just as easily turn out to be the 2016 Ghostbusters. :smiley:



So Johnny, would you trade him straight up for Kevin Glenn? Glenn's certainly got the stats, if that's what you think really matters.