Zach Collaros traded to the Riders for the 10th overall pick in 2018

Collaros now has a new home.

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I'm just happy he's in the West. My preference would be that he stay with the Cats, but it's better than him going to an Eastern team (especially the Argos) and having him Calvillo us...

Let's not forget the most important implication of this trade. After the earlier Franklin trade, the door is finally open for Kevin Glenn to join the Eskimos and complete his CFL bingo card.

(Will Brandon Bridge want a do-over on his recent extension?)

This was the best news possible for Cats fans ... Not that I'm happy to see Zach go, he led the team to the only two Grey Cup appearances in the last 19 years and provided a ton of great memories, but at this point in time he's better off with a fresh start in Riderville - which is much much much better than Toronto or Montreal.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Zach will be around for a long time in this league and I'll be cheering for him to succeed against everybody but the Cats.

This is a deep draft year as well, two top ten picks could be a coup if used properly.

NOW we wait for the next hat to drop with Johnny Football...My hope is that if he does sign here, they name Masoli starter and make Johnny earn his time on the field. There is no need for a quarterback circus at training camp.

Edit: It'll already be a circus if he does sign, so what I'm saying is they can help suppress the firestorm if they sign Masoli and name him the starter.

Wasn't expecting this...

Yep - without Franklin the Esks will need a good clipboard holder - Glenn is one of the best. At 39 he could probably handle around 5 to 10% of their offensive reps - someone else (even Reilly) will have to be conscripted for short yardage situations - as Old Glenn has little to no power off the line!

As for the Ti-Cats they now have 4 of the Top 15 picks in this year's draft. So long as they don't "Bomb Away Dream Baby" their picks they should be able to find at least one starter (OL or DL) plus a cadre of great developmental picks.

Collaros has some great targets to find in Sask'n, that's his up-side. We'll see if he's been cured of that terrible PTSD he acquired the last couple years. Sask's o-line is big and strong - they'll keep more meatballs off him to be sure!

All the best to Zach in Riderville and hope he recovers fully from his injuries.

Could be a Calvillo situation all over again if Collaros returns to his old form before the injury.

The Riders are loaded with offensive weapons and if Zach can’t make it work there, he won’t make it work anywhere.

Big if...he has been nowhere close to form since coming back. He is an immobile QB that needs a superb OL...if the Rider OL does not play better this is a horrid move

He lead them to two cups? Hmm

You might want to re-read that...

Though in fact it was just one appearance (the other was with Burris.)

Bridge is going to be furious.

Very nice pickup by Hamilton considering Zach's last two season and heavy contract. Very surprised.

Could we see another trade?

Franklin for Collaros would not surprise me.

Eskies don't want Glenn. There #2 guy is usually big and strong for 3 rd down and they will have a shot at 2 very good college stars that need time for development.

However before we judge the trade does anyone know if Hamilton picked up any of Collaros salary?
If not Sask could straight cut Collaros if play is sub par.

Why!!!!!!! He is only average SO FAR. # of starting wins? # of grey Cup Wins??
Total passes too interception ratio, # of passing yards per year in each of 3 years??

Stop the parade already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pfft, that's beside the point. It's destiny.

And if they don't play along, I hope Ambrosie steps in and makes the Esks sign Glenn. ;D

This is the flip side to only signing a 1 year deal. He straight out stated that NFL coaches said they wanted to see how he did strong a few more and also indicated that he wanted to see the new CAB and potential ratio see how much more value he might have in a year. It all makes sense in his head...but the team looks at it as needing another guy.