Zach Collaros traded to the Riders for the 10th overall pick in 2018

For a 2nd rd pick - 10th overall.
You have to think Zach will re-structure.
Good on Austin and co. for getting a high pick for him.
Very tough to see him go, but with Jones coming back the writing was on the wall.

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Assuming Green Riders??
This was inevitable due to ZC not willing to renegotiate his bloated contract. My prediction is that he will renegotiate before this season starts.
And now let the QB signing floodgates open in Tigertown

Good move, for about the right return. I wish him luck.

It will be interesting to see what the Riders and ZC do about his Feb 1 bonus, and his contract.

Now, let's re-sign Masoli.

I would be surprised if Masoli isn't signed already, or close to a deal.
Regardless of what the emotional armchair GMs on this website think Masoli knows that competing with Manziel is better than most (if not all) landing spots in the league.

They are the only riders in the league ?

GEEZ, am i old or what??

Well I am disappointed because I like Zach but I am glad Austin was smart enough to not trade him to a Eastern team.

Cats now own 4 of the first 15 picks in the upcoming CFL draft.

Congrats on the 2018-2022 Grey Cup wins Saskatchewan!

Seriously though, we are officially stepping out into the unknown now. It's going to be really good or really bad, the chips will fall where they may.

Sure hope we can get Manziel and /or Masoli signed soon, we are pretty thin at QB right now!

Best of luck Zach!! You will be missed here in the Hammer. Thank you for some exciting football!

Great deal…I thought they were just going to have to release him.

Best wishes to Zach in Regina and back with former coach and defensive coordinator Chris Jones when both were with the Argos.

You could see this move coming and good on Austin to get it done and hopefully sign Masoli or announce soon new contract? I wonder if Masoli might be next though in a possible trade, I hope not but you never know in Tiger-Town??

Go Cats Go!!

I think 10 games is a good sample size for Jones/Masoli to not call it unknown. We know exactly what we are going to get with that Coach/QB tandem. Its time to put this whole QB thing to bed and move on with what worked.

I don't look at this as all or nothing, one or the other. If Masoli can play up to par and get us where we need to be (sustained excellence - a Grey Cup or more) than it can be a win-win. We can win and Sask gets a great QB in their own right if Collaros shows what he's capable of.

Also just want to add....

  • Re-sign June Jones - Check
  • TRADE Collaros rather than release - Check
  • Get rid of the contract without paying the bonus - Check
  • Get value considering the contract - Check
  • Trade him far away so can't burn us in the East - Check

Would love to hear the Kent Austin haters chime in on this one.... hard to argue his offseason so far.

June Jones quote (sounds like it's something he actually said, rather than boilerplate written by marketing staff):

“As I said during the season, Zach was put into a difficult situation, as was I, and he handled himself as a true pro. He came to work every day and tried to be the best he could be. Zach was an asset to me and our team in the areas he could control. There is no question in my mind had he gotten his chance again to play for me, he would have been successful. I saw enough in practice and witnessed his work ethic to know he is a tough kid and a winner. As I told him, this is a business. Zach understands the game, and the business. I wish him all the best and so does everyone in our organization.? [url=][/url]

Time to spend money on masoli bank tasker n famous because Johnny football hasn’t touched a ball since when?

I guess I am missing something here? A second round pick, 10th overall? That doesn't sound "great" to me, it sounds more like dumping a salary and settling for the best pig in a poke that was offered. On the up side, that salary dump may turn into some continuity with our FAs, or some impact FA signings.

Cat's are going to need some experience at back-up QB, that might be the more interesting trade, unless someone is floating around on the FA list. I wonder what Kevin Glenn is doing later this year?

This is a deep draft class, and as someone else noted we've got four of the first 15 picks...that's nearly 1/3 of the top prospects.

If used properly we could set ourselves up beautifully for next 3-5 years for National depth.

I posted in the main forum but I am happy with this move. I love Zach, and appreciate his dedication to this city, just unfortunately was time to part. June Jones said it perfectly really, Collaros was nothing but a pro when he got benched, and many of us feel like he could still perform in this league it just didn't work out that way in Hamilton.

Kent Austin deserves credit as others have said ... my worst fear was releasing him and watching him sign in Toronto or Montreal or even just trading him to the Als or Argos, and we did neither so it's a win-win.

Now announce that Masoli will be back as the starter next year ... and hopefully Tasker and Banks aren't far behind.

In a league like the CFL where most teams are set at QB there is probably only 2 trading partners and 1 of them is in the East. The other alternative is releasing him and taking your chances he doesn't sign with East team and come back to haunt them.

There's nothing stopping the Riders from trading him to either of those teams. If Franklin doesn't sign with Toronto before free agency, it could definitely happen.

Funny, I thought the same thing...which Riders?
I think Masoli will relish the North American Spotlight, he will handle it even though it will be because of Manziel. He will flourish assuming he is signed. The Manziel thing will work itself out and I suspect fizzle out by about week 3, he will be long gone for one reason or another when he realizes it won't be a cake walk. We are a bit light now on KG far behind?