Zach Collaros to Winnipeg?

I'm a Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan who comes in peace :slight_smile: Rumor is that Zach Collaros will be traded to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers shortly after the Grey Cup. I'm just curious what Argo fans perspective is on this?

Are you hearing the same rumors? What would the Argos expect in return for Collaros, considering he is a pending free agent? Do you think Collaros will be a legit CFL starting QB?

H. Muamba and a first-rounder will do just fine. Not a big price for the BB to pay since Muamba is going to be a free agent anyway. As is Collaros, so fair deal for both sides.

It’s not a bad play to make, and it’s certainly going to throw a wrench into the plans of the Ottawa RedBlacks. I mean, there is no question one of Calgary’s QBs is going to be targeted in the draft, and that Toronto will be protecting Rickey Ray. That pretty much leaves Drew Wily or Dan LeFevour as the only real backup QB targets. However, if this trade happens, Toronto immediately gets a high impact LB that they can use and Winnipeg gets a solid young prospect QB.

Being from Winnipeg I can say for certain that Henoc will not be traded. Word here is that Henoc is very close to re-signing with the Bombers.

The argos are in the drivers seat in this situation :
Argos don't need to trade collaros to Winnipeg, as they get to protect 2 more players should Ottawa draft him. At the same time, winnipeg NEEDS a QB or they're screwed.
Barker should be able to name his price...even if that means H.Muamba.
What good is it to keep Muamba but not have a QB? We saw how that worked out this year.

I think there is a huge question, actually. Ottawa is more likely to poach one of Calgary's kickers than one of their QBs. Teams can't lose a kicker and a QB.

The Argos won't want to have Collaros in the same division as them, so if they can help it they'd likely will move him to Winnipeg. Barker loves Canadian talent and we desperately need some, so i would expect that is what we receive in return. Maybe Henoc, maybe one of your WR's Foster, Watson or Kohlert.

Heck, I'd make this trade..

Bombers get:
QB Collaros
WR Barnes

Argos get:
WR Watson
2nd round pick.

ITs a very big gamb le not only could you lose one young player but 2.

Something like this trade might make more sense, or maybe Winnipeg suggests WR Poblah instead of Watson. But Winnipeg would have to be able to make a deal with Collaros first before giving up players off their roster. If Winnipeg could offer him roughly the NFL minimum on a basic CFL salary and a chance to start it would be tempting for Collaros I would think.
He has all the tools to be a successful CFL QB, as he can scramble and has a fairly strong accurate arm. A good veteran QB coach would also be a must IMO to bring him along faster as there will still be a learning curve. So I think Barker will at least try and get something for Collaros this way instead of letting him walk for nothing. But if ZC is determined to go to free agency and see what is available in the NFL I guess everyone will have to wait until those doors are closed. The success of Russell Wilson in Seattle will have other NFL teams looking for a similar type QB. Collaros kind of fits the bill. Jim Barker rightly or wrongly sometimes does what is best for the player and the league (i.e. Dan Fedekeil to Calgary) so Collaros to Winnipeg could happen before the December 8 deadline.

Let me be the first to say, how losing Zach either to FA or by a trade should not be an option.
Yes I may be only one of few that would take him over Ricky.

Bring back michael bishop. Lol

Michael is my second choice, lol.

As long as Milanovich and Mass are coaches in our system then breading young QB's really shouldn't be an issue. Trevor Harris (though older then Zach) has looked pretty good whenever he has played. We also have Josh Portis and Mitchell Gale as possible heir apparent's to Ricky.

Ricky could easily give the Argos 3 to 5 great seasons before he hangs it up.

In my opinion, Zach should sign a two year deal with a CFL club (the Peg) before thinking about the NFL. He could use two more years of learning and gaining on field experience. When that contract is up he would be 28 and could have a nice 5-6 year career in the NFL. You’re right though, Barker will likely have a major influence on what goes down.

....IF O'Shea gets the head coaching job in Wpg., I would think he would try to convince the Bombers and Collaros that they belong together.... :wink: He's a raw rook but I see what a lot of people see...a franchise qb. in the making...I still think we need an experienced vet. as well...It'll be interesting to see what Walters/Miller come up with.. :roll:

Ummm, not really:
-The Redblacks AREN'T going to draft Collaros(pending FA)
-Collaros is NOT going to re-sign to be Ricky Rays back-up for another 2-3 years(and given Ray only turns 35 late next season, easy to see him playing 5+ years at a high level)
-If Barker sets an un-fair price, like a high pick or a Muamba/Watson and so on, Walters should just wait until Feb 15th and make a play for him at a low cost of giving him ZERO assets.

Hey Collaros, who else will give you starters $$ and the ability to start?
Collaros: The Bombers and maybe Montreal.
Now where do you have a good relationship with the HC and know he thinks you're the man to lead his team?
Collaros: The Bombers with O'Shea.
Now Collaros want to re-sign with the Argos for backup $$ and potentially never see the field if Ray is healthy?
Collaros: F@!# NO!!

Collaros is in the drivers seat, and he has no reason to re-sign in Toronto. Toronto needs to get what they can before they lose him for nothing in FA, not to mention try and control where he goes, send him to Winnipeg instead of him potentially going to OTT/MTL where they'll see him an game in 2 of every 3 seasons AND not need to see him as often(or at all) in the playoffs.
So come Monday when Ottawa passes on drafting him, Barker better start hitting the phones to get what he can over the next 2 months.

I'm still holding out hope that the Bombers will try and acquire Tanner Marsh, although I'm pretty that I'm the only one who wants him here. I think Walters has made it pretty indirectly clear that Willy or Collaros will be the starting QB in 2014.

I'd like to know your rationale for that empire; what is it that you saw in Marsh that results in you rating him ahead of Willy and Collaros? I'm not trying to pick an argument or anything, just curious to know your reasoning.

No Worries, not the first and likely not the last time I'll be asked about this.

Personally I just feel that Marsh has a higher ceiling than either Willy or Collaros, he's also only 23, two years younger than Collaros and four years younger than Willy. Based on what I've seen Drew Willy is more of a pocket QB, and in the limited action I've seen him in, he seems to be more of a game manager and opposed to a game changer type player, and to be completely honest he doesn't impress me at all, though again he has only seen limited action. Collaros has that "it/X" factor that fans would want, Collaros is clearly a scrambling QB, when you look at his first start, Collaros did his thing, but the other games, when Milanovich tried to get him in play in Milo/Ray's offense, Zach didn't look as good and while I think he's a good QB and could have a bright future, I believe there's a little bit too much hype on him. I'm also not crazy about Willy's arm strength and Collaros' throwing mechanics, which IMO will lead to Zach throwing a lot of picks or having fumble issues in the future.

As for Marsh, based on what I've seen he's the complete package, his biggest issue IMO is his youth (trying to do too much at times), if people were to actually re-watch/watch the games he played in, his mistakes were either him trying to make plays when he shouldn't or as in the case with his fumbles (specifically the BC game) youth/butterflies etc. looked to be the culprit. Out of the 3 IMO Marsh has the strongest arm, both he and Willy have good mechanics, Collaros and Marsh decent-good accuracy (Willy decent at best). Marsh is also able to play like a scrambler or pocket QB, while based on the play I've seen Willy and Collaros can only do one or the other. Also people tend to forget that it was Marsh's first year in professional football let alone the CFL and had to learn 2 different offensive play books within 3 months (Millers then Trestman's old playbook), had he not injured his thumb, who knows if Neiswander or even Smith would have started late in the season, although it should be noted that Popp always intended to get Smith out there.

The biggest problem with Winnipeg obtaining Marsh over one of the other two is that they would have to give up something, such as a high draft pick. With O'Shea now in Winnipeg I would think Collaros is target number one.