Zach Collaros to Start for Winnipeg

I just read on, supported by a press scrum, that Zach Collaros is to start for Winnipeg against the Stamps tonight. He sounds optimistic as does O’Shea, but I couldn’t help thinking about all the negative comments when Montreal started Manziel after only two weeks with the team, and how that turned out. I hope Zach makes out well, would love to see him knock off the Stamps, but more importantly, I hope he gets through the game without another head injury.

Hate seeing this. Makes me pretty nervous.

The Manziel comparison doesn’t really hold up. Johnny had no CFL experience, while Zach has quite a bit. ZC has to learn a new offence, but not an entirely new version of the game.

Of all the things I can imagine happening, tonight, with and/or to Zach, the most surprising, to me, would be him having an outstanding game. However, I would love to see that happen, for him, for the Bombers, for the league.

I agree, and wish the opposite for BLM with many sacks from Willie J!

When the Bombers signed Zach, my assessment was to salvage the season.
Clearly, Strevelor has not developed a passing game as of yet, certainly no where near the calibre of a championship Qb.

Streveler’s injury is just convenience; O’shea knows that the only way Bombers have a chance at winning the Grey Cup is if Zach can be a peak performer.
Good Luck to Zach, O’Shame not so much.

Good luck Zach!

Go Zack Go!

He’s playing well. Sadly, the D isn’t!

Zach is better than both of Bombers other QBs. Just needs to duck earlier on those runs.

BLM and his recievers are slicing & dicing. They look very dangerous.

Yeah Wpg defenders not good. O-line giving Mitchel all sorts of time. Someone nail the cocky %<@?


Zach gets the win. Bo loses. Zach takes a head shot but stays in the game. No Flag

Great game. Good game for Zach. Completely throws a wrench into Calgary’s opportunity for 1st place.

I am so happy for Zach! He played a magnificent game!

No question, I'm indeed surprised! Great night for Zach -- player of the game.

X 2

I makes me think about our “almost win” against the Stamps in Week 14. That last minute FG, blocked by “Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man”! Where was he tonight?

Not to brag, but Cats are the only team to beat Bombers in Winnipeg. Also only team to sweep the Bombers. Well Done!