Zach Collaros takes home Most Outstanding Player

HAMILTON — Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Zach Collaros has been named 2021’s Most Outstanding Player.

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Well deserved. One of my favorites since being with the Argos in 2012.
Can't imagine anyone being called better than him in 2021.
Good luck in the Grey Cup.


Can't argue his selection. Numbers don't lie here. (glad he ditched the Rambo look, I just about gave myself another hernia laughing at those pics)

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Glad to see him get his recognition. I'll admit when his name was being tossed around as trade bait I wasn't interested....glad I don't make the calls!

Hopefully now the stupid "ya but all it takes is 1 hit to ZC and WPG is done" BS.
He has finished every game he has started as a Bomber. Past is past.

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