Zach Collaros still OUT !!

Collaros will not play again this week,

Odel Willis takes out Collaros with an illegal hit and all he got was a fine !

I guess it pays to take out star players if all you are going to get is a fine ??

Cornish is another example !!

I can't believe all the head shots this year, either no flag and/or a later fine !

If the TiCats beat Ottawa and Sask beats the Argos, all 4 Eastern teams will have 2 points. :rockin:

The latter is a guarantee, the former could be more difficult if Ottawa figures out how to score touchdowns before the weekend.

I don’t think Odell’s hit on Collaros was intentional, if it was then it would be a different conversation it was a borderline illegal hit at best.

And the Argos will be in fourth place, since they will have played five games while the others will have all played four. :rockin:

I'm not sure how it would work, as after total number of wins, the tie breaking procedure goes with which team "has the higher winning percentage in all games played against all of the other tied Club(s)". In this scenario, the four teams would have the following records and winning percentages against the other tied teams:

  • Hamilton - 1-0-0 - 100%
  • Ottawa - 1-1-0 - 50%
  • Toronto - 0-1-0 - 0%
  • Montreal - 0-0-0 - TILT!

With no games against the other tied teams, Montreal will have no winning percentage. So would they be in first? Or last? Maybe, like Schroedinger's Cat, they'd be in both first AND last?

But no matter what, Toronto would still be behind both Hamilton and Ottawa. :rockin:

Not holding my breath. But it could happen.

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

This could be Barkers last season then I can return to the Argo bandwagon.

The tie-breaking procedure only comes into play when teams are tied in the standings. Toronto at 1-4 is not tied in the standings with the 1-3 clubs. So they are not part of the tie-breaking procedure; they are fourth.

Between Hamilton, Montreal and Ottawa, only Hamilton has a win against the other two clubs. Hamilton is therefore in first.

Between Ottawa and Montreal, Ottawa has the higher net aggregate. Ottawa is therefore in second.

  1. Hamilton 1-3
  2. Ottawa 1-3
  3. Montreal 1-3
  4. Toronto 1-4