Zach Collaros - Road To Recovery - TSN

For those who may have missed the in-depth piece on Zach’s road to recovery by TSN … here it is.

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Truly feel done by everyone. TSN, fellow teammates, medical staff and of course Zach himself. A real inside look that not all of us get to see.

Tip of my cap to everyone involved. Really well done.

Great piece :thup:

Thanks for posting for those of us who missed it. It shows the character of this individual, and his courage and persistence in continuing.

Thanks posting FG69.
The video brings up a question, to which, I don't know the answer -- when / why did Carly Vandergrient's time with the club come to an end?

I think that although the team respects Masoli, there's no question things are going to be different with Zach, even if he's a bit rusty. The players just seem to be different when talking about him. He's clearly well liked by his teammates.

As for Carly, it looks she's taken a position at McMaster.

I do believe she is at MAC full-time now. Think she accepted that full-time role in Feb and continued to work with the Cats up until Training Camp. Recall hearing that she has continued to be involved in Zach's rehab & assessment. There's a lot of cross-over between the Mac/Braley Sports Medicine department & the team.