Zach Collaros Reminds Me Of Tom Clements

Last night on Grey Cup Classics they showed my favorite Grey Cup Of all time 1976.

While watching , I was reminded of the equal skills between these 2.

Not flashy , but very efficient , consistent and good management of the O.

The only thing about T Clements, is that he had this fantastic ability to jump and toss an accurate ball.

Not sure ZC will be doing any of that.

For me Zach it's a little bit of Doug Flutie, rolling out of the pocket sandlot and all with his wheels making things happen.

There are some similarities between Clements and Collaros. Both their names start with C and have eight letters (numerologists take note). Collaros seems more of a pocket passer with good zip on his passes. Clements liked to roll out more with not as much zip on the ball. Tommy Clements was a great QB in his day, equaling Deiter Brock in the hated blue & gold (because they were so good).

Collaros has developed into a premier CFL QB. I was a bit skeptical at first, of his success as an injury replacement with the Argos and his sudden ascension into the starter's role in Hamilton. I was thinking, who is this guy? Obviously the Ticat brain-trust should be commended for their judgement in pursuing and signing Collaros.

Zach is almost untouchable. He senses the "zone" he has to manoeuvre in the pocket and while scrambling. This is an innate talent, like D. Flutie, that you can't teach. He is in total control and command on the field. If he stays healthy, Zach could become one of the all-time great CFL QB's. :thup:

Agree Xvys ,I should have pointed out the similar scrambling ability.

A qb that scrambles might live longer than a pure pocket. ( Willy ).

Please , please Zach do not get hurt.

Also agree on him being a future great.

Hope to see him get a couple of rings like Clements

Am I reading your statement wrong, or are you saying that Drew Willy is a "pure pocket" passer? I'd have to respectfully disagree if that's the case. His Buck Pierce-like attitude about running continues to be a concern for Bomber coaching staff, if I've heard correctly.

Yes you are reading it wrong.

I am talking about Zach Collaros compared to Tom Clements.

Those who scramble as an option ( Doug Flutie )

Drew Willy was never mentioned in my statement.

I get so nervous when he scrambles; but I like that he gets the first down and slides or goes out of bounds. I also like that he can complete a pass on the run, which was one of Clements’ strengths, if I’m not mistaken. Extend the play, keep the eyes downfield, and if nothing is available, get the yards with your legs. Flutie-esque.

The day may come when the Argos regret letting him slip away.

Right Dave. There is a big risk in a scramble.

Yet the way things are now, if you do not scramble, you are fair game.

Scramble opens things up on the O . Almost like having an extra RB.

Lets hope he stays healthy.

We had him, but let him get away.

I just said that on another post.
In fact I was saying the year he became an FA, do not let him go and instead trade RR.
Kirk Penton in his great weekly Wednesday summary said ZC was the early favourite for MOP in the East, with Harris in the West.