Zach Collaros post-game interview

After the Als/Ti-Cats Eastern Final Zach Collaros [QB for the Ti-Cats]was interviewed for a couple of minutes and asked to express his thoughts. The sound guy was not quick enough to bleep out, " I could be an A** hole but…". Collaros then went on to say that one day he would say how he really felt.

Anyone know what Collaros was referring to? Was he talking about the Als? Certain players? The reffing? Has anyone heard or read anything?

Probably the Als players who were mouthing off the whole week. Ultimately the professionalism that Hamilton showed this week payed off on the field.

I think it is pretty clear from the last time they met and comments from Austin and Collaros that they have great disdain for the Als and their attitudes and trash talking. Makes for a great rivalry.

Yup, Zach really proved he's classier than the Als, by picking his teeth and say "assh*ole" on live TV. :wink:

The problem was it wasn't what Collaras said ...that's emotion talking from a player but the BIG problem was TSN apologized for it but Collaras should have apologized or he could have taken a moment when they presented the trophy at the end to say a little sorry speech at the end for inappropriate tabbies but a classless act by Collaras

I was at the game,so I obviously missed the TSN TV feed,can anybody possibly found a clip of the interview and provide a link ?

I saw some post-game interviews from the Montreal locker room, and they made Collaros sound like a Sunday school teacher. Of course they'd censored those by then, but a football player using a swear word is hardly a surprise.

If TSN wants to do live interviews, they know they're taking a chance. They're the ones who needed to apologize for profanity going out over the air.

It wasn’t much of an interview. He started with something along the lines of “I could say something about those a**holes over there but I’ll just say…” mic cuts out while he keeps talking, then ends with “One day maybe I’ll tell you how I really feel about them over there” The quote are non exact but nothing really made it on air other than calling the Als a-holes.

Post game, players in any sport are still all revved up, hormones still flying around. From time to time you're going to get some words that might not be the best chosen. So be it, it's not tiddlywinks or the opera and the cameras are right there.

No, Wolverine, I'm certain Collaros did not call the Als A-holes. I'm sure he said, " I could be an *****. As much to say that if he really said what was on his mind on national TV he would be an A-hole for speaking live on TV.

Really? If some one says asshole on TV its a big deal? I must live on another planet.
Who really gets upset with that? Moms dads kids?

I'm with you slant.

I stand corrected. Still the whole thing revolves more around speculation about what he would've said, fueled even more by comments getting interrupted with the mic cutting out. He didn't say anything specifically directed at them. It didn't rise anywhere near the level of opposition badmouthing like Richard Sherman's interview.

Yeah, saying the word a**hole is a really classless thing. Give me a break. :roll:

Diff'rent strokes. In my world, it usually is, but I understand the context and give leeway for context. Like most things, why, when and where determine a lot, I believe.

Some of you guys have gone way off track. My question was if anyone knew what Collaros might have been referring to when he said perhaps one day he'll tell how he really feels. About what? That is what I was wanting to know.

The thread isn't about whether the word a**hole should be permitted on air. Some of us will never come to an agreement on that but that can be a topic for another thread.

As far as Collaros using the word I can understand the network's apology for not muting it in time but in fairness to Collaros he used the word in reference to himself. This doesn't justify him using the word on air but Collaros would have been classless if he started dissing another team or certain individuals on air but he exercised restraint and "class" by not doing so. He actually acknowledged that it would have been classless had he done so. Not in those words but he pretty much implied it.

Now….the continual picking his teeth during the interview was hilarious. I mean…. did he actually have a chance to grab a snack between the final whistle and the interview?? Maybe he wears those translucent braces. Maybe he ate a bug. Maybe he was being cryptic and implying that the Ti-Cats just ate the Als for lunch. Now THAT would be cerebral! Nevertheless, I cannot for the life of me figure out what was caught between his teeth that required so much attention. lol

Rod Black apologized for Zach and I'm sure Rod knows all about that term as he has been called that many times. :lol:

But Collaros did not apologize for picking at his teeth throughout the interview. Surely that's worth a 5 game suspension starting with the Grey Cup game in Vancouver. Mind you the guy does play for Hamilton. Maybe that is what happens in Hamilton. :lol:

I once saw a baseball player adjust his crotch during a game … and the camera picked it up!

I saw the interview and think that Zack was just a little amped up at the time ... pretty sure he was going to say something to the affect of "I could be an a$$hole and tell them to stick that in their pipe and smoke it, but I won't ..."

I think the Tigercats were ticked off about something the Als said to or about them prior to the game ...

I find it very interesting that the two teams that decided to let their play on the field do the talking were the two that won ... something that teams should consider going forward.