Zach Collaros not ready to play

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Seems like a shame to have pulled him off of the 6

That is good. Keep him out.

Do not send him in before he is 100 % ready.

If not, 1 hit could be the end of him .

Like Travis Lulay.

Didn't they need to pull him off the list so he could practice with the team? (correct me if I'm wrong here)

yes they do....but they can have after practice practice for him (calling it long as it is not "team" practice) as well and having kept him on for 6 then going into the 7th game is a long week for them...they play Wednesday so could mandate a practice on Friday followed by 4 the next week...this is a 170k off the cap decision...that is picking up one really good NFL cast off...just seems like a lot of opportunity lost.

You can't keep a Bearcat down.

Thanks for pic Vermonter - from Bearcat to Ticat!