Zach Collaros not playing this week.

Just read this on Twitter. I don't think this will be good.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 11m
Coach Austin says the decision about this week's starting quarterback will be made later this week. #Ticats #CFL

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 14m
Coach Austin says Zach Collaros will not play this week due to injury. #Ticats #CFL

Well, bad news, but not unexpected.
Give him ample time to recover from Concussion or ribs or???
Masoli and LeFevour will have their time to shine in CGY
With Fantuz and Ellingson returning, this should help.

It's good that there is no rush to get Collaros back quickly. Better to make sure he is fully recovered ...the season has only just begun.

Can't say that I am at all surprised by this. Did anyone really expect that he would be back and ready to go? The extra week off may mean he is not out of action for as many games.

Agree mr62cats - It isn't a good idea to rush Collaros back and he may (if he is able to travel with the team) gain a better understanding of the offense by watching it like Ray did in his first season with the Argos. It will be more important to have him healthy later in the season.

I think the league should take penalizing these head shots to the next level. At the moment they only get fined, but I think they should also force the offending player to miss the same amount of games as the guy he took out with an illegal hit. I think that would resemble something a lot closer to justice.

Sure and that can be negotiated at the next collective bargaining agreement. The current one, unfortunately, shoots down your suggestion.

With the bye week having two weeks to prepare Austin will have them looking sharp. Masoli getting a lot of reps will make a big difference.
Calgary had a couple of guys on offense out including Cornish and Maurice price. Anthony Parker stepped in leading the stamps in receiving. Walter/Sanders combo contributed nicely at RB.

Austin will have the perfect game plan likely starting Masoli and mixing Lefevour back in Wildcat with the week off plenty of time to prepare makes Austin and Huf type coaches dangerous after a bye week

Collaros has multiple injuries. There is nothing in the injury report or the report from the team stating that he will miss games due to a HEAD injury.

Here is a report from Austin.

“He’s still struggling off the hit. It’s a combination, he had a hit to the head and his back is hurting as well.?

Much more here from Milton

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[b]Head coach Kent Austin said quarterback Zach Collaros won’t play against the Calgary Stampeders on Friday after the 25-year-old suffered a head injury in Hamilton’s 28-24 loss against the Edmonton Eskimos on July 4.

Austin did not call the injury to Collaros a concussion and has no timetable for his return. He also said he expects to use Jeremiah Masoli and Dan LeFevour in their game against Calgary, but didn’t name a starter.

Collaros was injured midway through the second quarter when defensive end Odell Willis smashed into the quarterback’s facemask with his own helmet. Collaros lay motionless for a short while before leaving under his own power[/b]

I remember them checking his ribs on the table shortly after the hit. That may have been just that, checking them out to make sure they weren't cracked. But maybe not.

In a SportsCentre interview, Austin told reporters that Collaros suffered both a concussion and a back injury on the hit by Willis.

Again, nothing stating that the reason for missing time will be due to a concussion or a head injury. The best you've got in those quotes is Austin being ambiguous and Milty quoting his ambiguity.

Lets all say a prayer for whoever is QB for the Cats in the next game, may God grant him a fast release, he'll be running for his life. May he rest in peace. Omen :cowboy:

That's the problem. They really don't use the two weeks to prepare. The players have the week off, to go home or whatever, and then return to practice for 3 or 4 days before the next game. No advantage really, other than the players resting their bodies. With the CFLPA restrictions on practice days, length of practice time and one day of wearing pads, CFL coaches are limited in time to what they can teach or implement for any upcoming game.

This is almost starting to feel like last year. We came out weak, got riddled with injuries, everyone wrote us off and then we surprised everyone on the way to the Grey Cup. I could live with a repeat of that, everything before our performance in the big game, of course.

I have to agree with most posters here though. Best not to rush Zach back. Between the fact that Dan and Jeremiah are capable, and the fact that our O line is still proving porous enough to put ZC in those situations? He needs to rest up and be 100% before coming back.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 1h
Kent Austin tells CHML Radio that #Ticats QB Zach Collaros not only has a concussion, but a back injury as well. #CFL

Hmmm... That is better. Still hearsay, because it could be Madani's interpretation of what we already know Austin said, but it does seem a more definitive statement if taken word for word. I'd like to hear the soundbite of Austin making the statement.

Last night's episode of the Tiger-Cats show hasn't been posted online yet, but you can go to the audio vault on CHML's website and have a listen to it. July 14th, 7 PM, Austin mentions the concussion (and back injury) at about the 9:45 mark.

Says that he doesn't know the severity, but confirms that Collaros has a concussion as well as an injury to his back.

Last year they might have come out weak and started the year with injuries but there was a veteran QB who set all kinds of passing records who could avoid a lot of sacks and ints. That's all in the past.
They are going into Calgary with backup QBs behind a porous "O" line against the top team in the CFL right now. They have a swarming defense that made an experienced veteran like Ricky Ray look bad. Not writing them off for the season but writing them off for this game.

I can’t see this team being much more than a 4 or 5 win team this year. Way too many changes this season. Don’t think personally they have a CFL capable qb at this point in time. To make matters worse we possibly have the worst o-line in years. I think this week will be a write off. Hopefully I am wrong.