Zach Collaros MOP

I know water and security are big deals but lets recognize HAM, finally, has a stud QB.

Said this last year and ill say it again BEST QB in the CFL Hands Down

Best QB in the East but at this stage in his career, I would say Bo Levi Mitchell is a bit better. Collaros has a gunslinger's mentality. He reminds me of Doug Flutie. He even attempted a shovel pass this aft. The guy is mobile but will stand in the pocket if he has to. My biggest criticism is that he isn't always accurate with his passes but I think that will come. He's only 27. It's scary to think how good he'll be in a couple of years.

An Argo-Cat fan

I hope he manages to bring the Grey Cup back to Hamilton before the league orders us to trade him away to Toronto for nothing.

Right now Zach is the Most Outstanding Player in the League!

They advertised an air show in Toronto this weekend - but it turns out the real Air Show was at THF in Hamilton.

Here's a good recap of Zach's performance - and state of mind - in the Toronto Sun:

Ticats' Collaros all revved-up after win

Apparently he is an excitable fellow. Can't say I mind too much.

Might wanna check last years Grey Cup Stats
And Current CFL Stats

#1 Collaros, Z HAM 223 318 70.1 3,032 63 22 6.9 7 2.2 114.2
#2 Mitchell, B CGY 207 316 65.5 2,733 63 15 4.7 8 2.5 98.0

Barney Fife Must work for TSN ....... j/k

Best part of the night Zach Waving Bye to the Argos lol


I'm sure we can get the same used jock strap Edmonton received for Ricky Bobby. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Love the guy's quote

Question: Do you get amped up to play Toronto?
Answer: I hate every team

This guy is a keeper, and less than 12 months ago people wanted this guy gone for Dan Lefevour. In fact, last week the guy behind me was screaming for Matthews the entire game.

If we win the East he will likely win MOP this year.

Was Mikey sitting behind you? :lol:


I stand corrected. Ricky Ray will come back and play 6 games and win the MOP player. Since that’s the new standard around here.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 2m2 minutes ago
Collaros has now thrown for 6,293 passing yards in Black & Gold, moving him to ninth all-time for #Ticats QBs.

Way to go Zach keep it up, play hard, run fast and throw more rockets on target!!

CFL League Leader in passing at the half way point, keep it going till the end!!


agree with this my only knock would be when the games not going well for him, ie vs Montreal :x, he seems to get mopey (not sure that is the right word for it) but as he matures I'd expect he'll be able to work through it.

originally I thought he didn't have a strong enough arm but he clearly has proven me wrong.

Please don't let threads on food, water, helmet stickers have more views than this .

Oh.... Most Offensive PLAYER....

I had all sorts of nominations for Most Offensive POSTER and I couldn't remember when I'd seen Zach on these boards.
Guess I was wrong.


Sorry Dork. By now you would know that I can't help myself when the muse strikes.
Hey... at least it keeps the thread going.

I predict someone will revive this thread during Grey Cup week, and probably sooner as well.

Collaros is on pace to smash many TiCats QB records this season


Zach Collaros and Ticats single-season marks:[/b]

[b]Ticats passing yards record: 5,367 (Burris, 2012)

Collaros on pace for: 5,458

Ticat completion record: 391 (Burris '12)

Collaros on pace for: 401

Ticat pass-attempt record: 611 (McManus 1999)

Collaros on pace for: 572

Ticat TD pass record: 43 (Burris '12)

Collaros on pace for: 41

Ticat completion-percentage record: 65.8 (Burris '13, Collaros '14)

Collaros on pace for: 70.1[/b]