Zach Collaros - MOP for 2015

it seems most fans and media feel Zach was the frontrunner for MOP this year. Having played 11.4 games and leading the league in so many categories, can he still win? I remember in 2013, Ricky Ray won despite not playing/missing 7 games. if we look at the stats, they are comparable

        yards     Completion         attempts          %comp          TD's         INT's        Rating

Ray 2878 234 303 77.2% 21 2 126.4

ZC 3376 252 359 70.2% 25 7 113.7

Ricky didn't win in 2013, he was runner-up. Many fans felt it was an outrage that a guy who missed so many games was a finalist. I was not one of them. I thought he deserved to be a finalist and in fact should have won. And I think Collaros should win unless someone else has a berserk final six or seven games.

Not in the running, according to

Apparently the Ricky Ray Exemption only applies to Ricky Ray (and maybe John Cornish).

The difference with Ricky Ray in 2013 was that he took a team half way through the season and led them through the playoffs to the Grey Cup. It's all about how you finish not how you start, you can't speculate on what Zach "could" have done if he wasn't injured.

It's likely that if Burris keeps up the pace he is at now he will win it. He was only a few yards behind Colloras in total passing yards and has more completions and he had played one less game. Burris is the main reason why Ottawa is where they are right now. But they still have 7 games left and I would say you have to wait another 5 games before talking about the best player.
Tough for Collaros but he's going to have lots of opportunity in the future to win it.

Any bets that the boneheads who vote for the year end All-Star team forget about Zach as well ? :roll:

Jimbo, a few things here

#1....Ricky Ray did not take any team from Toronto in 2013 to any Cup let alone the Grey Cup. Last time I looked a certain team from Hamilton walked into Toronto and defeated the Argos at home in the East Final in 2013 and went on to the Grey Cup that year.

#2....Ricky Ray only played 11 games in 2013 but yet the people who vote on these things speculated on what his stats would've been if he played the other 7 games he missed and anointed him the East MOP based on his stats for those 11 games he did play.

#3....Zach on the other hand will wind up this season playing 12 games but all I've heard from some posters is.. yeah he was having a great season BUT we'll never know now how he would've finished up,you can't speculate on WHAT IF when it comes to Zach. Oh well tough break for him I guess his 12 games don't count BUT Ray's 11 games sure did in 2013.

#4....You mention about NOT speculating about Zach's final stats now that he is injured in one breath and in the next breath say about Burris IF he keeps up his pace he WILL surpass Zachs in passing yds and WILL win the award. So we can't speculate about Zach and based on only playing 12 games he is out of the running for the award BUT we can speculate on Burris based on games he hasn't even played yet. So tell me this Jim......What IF Burris goes down in the next game with a season ending injury ? I guess that means that BOTH Collaros and Burris will both be automatically eliminated from further contention for the MOP award BUT in 2013 that same line of thinking didn't apply when it came to Ray and his MOP nomination.

So with all that being said.....The moral of the Story would be....You can't speculate for one and not the other and there can't be two sets of rules one for Ray and his 11 game season and another for Zach and his 12 game season. :roll:

Great post! The article is disappointing as the author essentially rules the award out for Zach. Due to the fact they call this MOP vs. MVP seems to change the rules as well. Zach, IMO is the MVP but because this is a MOP and he misses 6 games he seems to be excluded.

Here's another article from on the subject: "The franchise pivot WAS the unquestioned leader for the CFL MOP award playing at an elite level through 12 games this season"

[url=] ... -says-dunk[/url] also has a current Fan Poll online: The Question ? Who is your leading MOP candidate ? one guess...Zach isn't on the list :thdn: I guess if he was still playing for the Argos he would be a lock for the award :x Friggin' Joke !! Give me a break.

Your choices :
1)....Eric Rogers
2)....Bo Levi Mitchell
3)....Henry Burris
4)....Jerimiah Johnson
5),,,,Jerome Messam
6)....Andrew Harris
7)....Trevor Harris

I agree with most of you. The idea he is now out of the running is a joke. He's clearly been the best player in the league through two-thirds of the season, and I personally think that is long enough to justify winning the MOP (as I felt about RR in 2013). There's still time for Burris or Harris to supplant him as the Eastern nominee but it should be based on performance, not on staying healthy all season.

Well we all know who SlimJim would vote for :roll: …that is if he had a vote…Jimbo as we all know is a Huge REDBLACK’s fan who is only pretending to be a Ti-Cat fan thus explains his love affair and support of Hank. Burris by the way is having a fine season…but MOP season ? I Don’t think so ,it’s kinda hard to hitch your wagon to a QB who has only thrown for 12 tds in more than a half a season of football. Now if the award was for the MOP over the age of 35 then Henry would win in a landslide. :slight_smile: or if the award was for the most durable player MDP :wink: it would be Henry all the way. :wink:

not clearly the best, harris is right behind him and his teams defense is miles behind the cats.

A couple of points about Ricky Ray being the EF for MOP in 2013. As i recall he may have started 11 games but only played in 3/8 quarters in two of those games so in reality played just over half a season. However, there seemed to be little other competition in the east that season so he became the nominee almost by default. Don't think even Hank (still with the Ticats) came all that close. I know that I felt it was unfair for him to be the EF based on the number of games played, but in a season with little other outstanding play in the East, he was given the nod. The team did I believe go 11-7 and finish 1st (not that that helped when the Ticats came calling! :smiley: ) which probably didn't hurt his chances either.

I might add that I feel really badly that Zach will be cheated out of being recognized due to his injury, but in a season with many other players doing well, being out of the games pretty much ensures being out of the race. :frowning:

Wait until next season! :smiley:

I hope Zach still wins, that's how dominant his performance has been so far.

Yes, I am a REDBLACK and Ticat fan, i grew up in Hamilton but spent a lot of years in Ottawa and found myself cheering for the Renegades and now the REDBLACKS. Ticats close second for me, does that make me biased? I am judging Burris by what he has shown on the field this year. Yes you can bring up ONE stat that shows he has thrown for 12 TDs, is that the most important stat? in every other QB stat he is ahead of Zach, more completions, more rushing yards, fewer ints, and only 70 yards behind Zach in total yards and Burris has played one less game. With Zach and Burris we have seen how that one position can make a huge difference.
But as I said above, it is still too early in the season and I'm not convinced until the end. It's how you finish the season that's the most important.

Messam ... really??

Well, he does have a touchdown, after only 12 games.

I think the only reason the CFL site is playing this up right now - with 6-7 games left in the season - is because the race just opened up. A week ago it would have been no contest.

Yes, it probably is, among the stats they show on the stats sheet. You could also make a case for passing yards and completion %. Zach leads Burris in all three.

But there are other stats they don't show. Things like red zone percentage, number of 30+ yard passes, and second down conversions - in which Hamilton had the highest percentage by far (60.6% prior to last week) since the league started tracking it in 2008. It sure wasn't the running game that got us there.

Then there's consistency. We've been in every single game this year down to the final seconds. Biggest margin of loss before last week was 4 points. Ottawa has been blown out a couple of times, including one game where they only scored 3 points. The consistency issue kept Burris out of contention for MOP in 2012, despite leading the league in passing yards, completions and TDs.

Anyway, the overriding point is you can't judge a season solely from the stats sheet - you have to watch the games and evaluate the intangibles as well. Prior to getting hurt, Zach's was the only name I've heard mentioned in the past month and a half as an MOP contender.

Yup :roll: Jerome Messam...really ?? He might emerge as the Sask nominee but only by default. A good player on a really Crappy team, I mean who else has stood out on that team this year ? In reality he has zero chance at being the West winner for MOP and shouldn't even be on that list or even considered as a finalist for the award. The big joke about that article and poll is the fact that it only lists 7 players and that only 5 teams out of 9 are represented. The Stamps have 2 players on the list (Rogers,Mitchell) the REDBLACKS have 2 (Burris,Johnson)and the Lions,Riders and Argos have 1 player a piece on the list.
So not only is Collaros not included on the poll neither are any Cat players included as well as no Alouettes,Bombers or Eskimos. Would it be asking to much to at least include one player from each team in your Poll ? Whoever wrote that article and conceived that Poll didn't put a lot of thought process into it and it clearly shows when you read it and look at the moronic Poll that goes with it.

Simoni Lawrence should now get consideration, Leader of the best Defense in the League

For what it’s worth after gazing into my crystal ball, here is my prediction for who the team finalists will be in the East (1 per team,every team included unlike that stupid poll :roll: )

HAMILTON…Zach Collaros…I don’t give a flying fig about all the sudden BS that’s going on in regards to the MOP award
If little Ricky can stay in the running in "13’ while playing one less game than Collaros this year then there’s NO REASON why all of a sudden according to some that Collaros is now out of the running because of unfortunately getting injured. The league can’t have it both ways…one set of rules for little Ricky aka “Golden Boy” Ray and another set of rules for everyone else. So in my books injured or not Zach should be our MOP candidate. Period !!! and also the East finalist nominee hands down.

OTTAWA…Henry Burris…Yes I agree that Hank should be Ottawa’s nominee. Burris has had a great bounce back season and has found the fountain of Youth once again. I will go this far when it comes to Hank, if for whatever reason that the Ray rule indeed doesn’t apply to Collaros and he doesn’t get the East nomination then I think that Burris might get the nod for the East Finalist nominee.

TORONTO…Trevor Harris…The guy has done a tremendous job filling in for Ray this season.Harris is currently ranked second in TD’s thrown (22) has a completion percentage of 72.3% and has a QB rating of 106.4 and has only thrown 9 int all season. A more than worthy nomination for the Argos this season.

Montreal…SJ Green…The only nominee that isn’t a QB. Green has been steady “eddie” once again this season for an Alouette squad that is still trying to find their identity on the offensive side of the ball. Green is currently leading the East in receiving yards (745 yds) and is 2nd overall in the league. Green only needs 255 more yds to crack the 1000 yd mark for the 4th time in the last 5 seasons