Zach Collaros is now a Tiger Cat

The #Ticats have reached a deal with Zach Collaros. Announcement expected shortly.
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now for the "i love/hate this deal".

I wonder what this means for Hank. Big gamble if Austin is going from Hank to Zack. If so, I would expect to see Kerry Joseph hired in some QB coaching capacity as KJ and Austin have good history together. That and Kerry is expected to retire soon.

it looks like Hank will be gone. should be an interesting year. i think Austin deserves the benefit of the doubt after last year.

The signing of Collaros undoubtedly means the end of Henry Burris' two-year run as the starter in Hamilton. Sources said he will be released and will likely be signed by Winnipeg, who also made a strong push for Collaros.
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I hope I love this deal. :wink:

Welcome Zach!
If Austin is high on him, then I am too!

[b]Zach Collaros was a coveted prize ahead of the CFL’s upcoming free agency period on February 15. And the bidding season began early when the Toronto Argonauts chose to release their backup quarterback Wednesday.

But, ultimately, the 25-year-old Cincinnati product came to a quick decision on his future. TSN has learned Collaros has chosen to sign with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. CFL sources have also confirmed the team will release last year’s starter, Henry Burris.

Both Hamilton and Winnipeg contacted Collaros hours after he was released by the Argos. Collaros left the negotiations to his agents, Mike Simon and Greg Diulus, and decided to focus on discussing his potential place in both the Ticats and Bombers’ offence.

On Wednesday, Collaros said he was leaning heavily toward signing with Hamilton after speaking with head coach and general manager Kent Austin.[/b]

A Veteran for a Rookie. A QB that took us to the GREY CUP last year, to a QB that did not even play a full season yet or even played in the Eastern Final! I still say they should have least signed Hank for 2 years. But I'm NOT the coach and I don't sign the checks, so Ill go with what Coach Austin thinks. Don't have to agree with this move but I will still bleed Black and Gold!
As a PLAYER and PERSON ill miss him. Thanks for getting us to the Grey Cup Henry Burris, I just hope we don't have to wait another 14 years to get there again!

Haven't made a post on here in ages but this is exciting. Young talent to mentor and hopefully lead this team for years to come. All this young talent at QB position is great. Finally a season to look forward to even if it takes a year or two not everyone is a Chuk Ealey. Hell I will go wherever they play if the stadium is not done. Burris a great guy but his best before date has long been over and that is why Hufnagel let him go. After just standing there while the early snap went by him in the cup it was evident this guy was done like dinner. He did not move! Good luck to him what ever or wherever he goes in the future.

That puts Dan LeFevour as our QB with the most years in the CFL at 3.

Well said, and exactly how I feel, Earl. For me, it’s a feeling similar to 13 months ago when Kent Austin was handed full control – I was hopeful, but not fully confident it was the right move. Considering how that has worked out, I’ve gotta believe, initially, more in this move than I did in that one. I think this is more than just choosing one QB over another. It’s also a major business decision with consideration being given to the club’s 2013 success, the attraction of Tim Horton’s Field, and the chances of attracting good crowds and being competitive over a several seasons to come.

I'd like to thank the Argos organization for going out of their way to release Collaros early so that we could get our house in order. Also for taking the time to train our new QB over the past couple of years, even getting him some meaningful game-time experience.

Wow that didn't take long. Collaros must have had big time starter money (base and bonus) thrown at him. I guess the fact that Austin has a reputation of improving QB's and still close to Ohio didn't hurt. Argos were in a bind with the best QB in the league still here for a few years. Barker did the right thing for the kid and let him go, but you know the Argos would have liked to have some compensation for him. They like Harris and I do to, but I also think Zach can be special if he is brought along right. Kent Austin is probably one of the best to do that.
One good thing about this is it gives the Argos a big leg up on finishing first again this year. :smiley: There will still be a learning curve for young Mr. Collaros IMO.

Zach and Dan will both have three and I believe this is Masoli's fourth.

Regardless of how long they've been in the league, both Lefevour and Collaros only saw action in 2012 and 2013. Statistically, 2013 was the best for both of them ...

LEFEVOUR, D 2013 40 completions, 62 attempts, 64.5%, 394 yards, 74.3 rating; 54 rushes for 317 yards
COLLAROS, Z 2013 190 completions, 287 attempts, 66.2%, 2,316 yards, 98.4 rating; 59 rushes for 246 yards

Obviously, Collaros was given much more room to show what he can do since Lefevour was only brought into games with packages that were designed for him. On the surface, it seems that Collaros is much more game ready since he's been trusted to start, he's had to improvise more at the line, and he performed well.

Two questions:

  1. how well will Collaros adapt to Austin's system rather than Milanovich's, with different linemen, backs and receivers?
  2. how quickly will veteran Ticats accept Collaros as a leader? After the EDSF, the players were pretty high on Lefevour.
    One answer:
    It's a long time until training camp.

So we have signed an unproven qb and are releasing a HOF veteran qb who took us to the GC for the first time in 14 years.
Burris was the first consistent, great qb we had since McManus and we are letting him go.

What the hell is going on here?

If I can just interject something here amidst the celebration. Do we really need three or four threads on Zach Collaros or Dave Stalla etc? It would be nice if people would stop constantly creating new threads on the same subject so a year or two from now when we go to do some research, the information would be all in one place instead of strewn everywhere,

And also by not creating new threads all the time it keeps important threads on the front page as long as possible. So please before starting a new thread can you have a look on the first or second page to see if somebody is already talking about the subject. Help make it easier to maintain and research the history. Please and thank you!

He's at the tail end of his career. He was pulled from more than one game last season and his playoff performance was not particularly stellar. Austin sees a chance to get younger at the QB position by signing a guy with a very similar skill set. The move makes perfect sense to me. Football is a ruthless business. Hufnagel did the same thing with Burris a few years ago. A good GM doesn't wait until the slide happens before acting. He makes proactive moves to keep the team on top so there isn't a year or more of rebuilding. Cats fans have had enough of that anyway.

According to the Ti-Cats roster, Dan has 2 years currently. The rest have 1 year.
Collaros could have been wrong on as I used wiki for the info. We all know how reliable wiki is.
Masoli, tho has 2 years, the first year was injured.

Ya, welcome Zach ... you have big shoes to fill. You are replacing a Hall of Fame QB, and one hell of a great guy.

Good luck.

personally, I would have preferred the Cats sign Drew Willy and for Hank to stay on another year as co-starter/mentor.

There may be a few differing reasons for Austin to sign Collaros, thereby casting out Burris..

  1. He believes Collaros to be an immediate impact QB of true star caliber.
  2. He is looking to save some $ by dumping Burris and his $400,000 contract.
  3. He is looking for additional competition/depth for Brohm, whom Austin regards highly.
  4. He is stockpiling for trade bait.
  5. He has lost his mind.
  6. All of the above.

I'm thinking it could be a combination of 1-3, if not at least 2+3.

perhaps, dispite claims to the contrary, Austin just didn't like working with Burris?
was was stuck with him the moment he took over as coach and Gm and had no choice but to play Burris in 2013. now that he's worked with him for a full season, perhaps he just knew Burris wasn't his type of guy for his type of system?

in Zach, he sees a young guy he can groom and mold into the player he wants to work with?