Zach Collaros discussion

I think Collaros is one of the better QB’s in the CFL, he’s creative, can run, has a good arm. He’ll be leaving it all out there on Sunday, but I’m sure the Cats will be ready. IMO he’s better than Harris.

Hopefully he’ll be getting sacked a lot on Sunday( I also hope he doesn’t get hurt) and the Cats crush the Bombers by 3 td’s ?

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already getting sick and tired of reading and hearing about Simoni’s “Head-to-Head” hit on Collaros in the season opener. I didn’t get into it, much, at the time, because I was definitely disappointed in the decision Lawrence made, as split-second as it was, on that play. Both Tuggle and Leonard were closer to Zach when he started his slide and they, both, remained upright. Lawrence could / should have done so, too.

What really bugs me, though, still 5 months later, are all the “head-to-head” mentions. In this video, which I linked, for another reason, earlier in this thread, the incident is shown at the 30-sec. mark, and the slowed-down replay, right after, at the 38-sec. mark. Some eyes may require slowing that down, even more, to almost frame-by-frame, but it is quite clear that Simoni’s helmet never touched Zach’s. Lawrence’s right shoulder hit the front of Collaros’s helmet, or face mask, left of centre (as from Zach’s view point). I know it’s “old news.” But, it’s “fake news!”

I agree ottawacat. I think at the time, most of us had come to the same conclusion. It was a hit to the head, but delivered by Simoni’s shoulder, not his helmet.

Still and all, I think we all, or most of us, agreed it was a head shot, it was definitely after Zach was down, and was, if not late, definitely borderline late enough to draw a flag.

Unfortunately, perhaps, I see “the hit? as being a big part of the Grey Cup narrative. We are going to hear how the Cats traded Zach away, how Simoni put him out with that tackle, how the Riders traded him, Toronto never played him, Winnipeg gets him, and now, how Zach has delivered them to the Grey Cup game. TSN loves these types of stories, and you can bet that Burris and Dunnigan will whip that comeback angle like an old nag. If we don’t see a replay of “the hit?, and/or a retelling of Zach’s journey at least once a day, I’ll be amazed.

I’m picturing Brian Williams trying to get Zach to shed a tear for the cameras- Barf!

Zach’s story does make for good TV, and good for him for getting to the Cup. I hope he doesn’t get hurt on Sunday but I am looking forward to our D terrorizing him all game long!