Zach Collaros discussion

Thoughts about Zach Collaros:

  1. Obviously the media will be all over the various Collaros storylines this week (the comeback-from-injury story, the Simoni story, playing against his old team, etc.). That doesn’t mean we can’t talk about him.

  2. Are three games with a new team really enough time to handle whatever wrinkles we decide to throw at him defensively? Unfamiliarity has not been a problem vs CAL and SSK. He has 8 years in the league to counter-balance the relative short time with the present offence.

  3. He’s looked pretty good on the deep passes. That’s not exactly a weakness for our DBs who have been great in coverage all year, but it can break open a game quickly.

  4. Gotta think no one knows Zach and his tendencies better than Tommy Condell. A decent chunk of our defence will also be pretty familiar based on many, many practices.

  5. As far as I can tell, Zach has not played a full game against us since he was traded away in 2018. He missed both the SSK/HAM games last year, and was hurt on the first series in game 1 of this year. Adds to the intrigue.

  6. The two-QB system was way less effective in SSK than it was against CAL, which may have been caught by surprise. I’m thinking we’ll see less of Streveler next week.

  7. I wonder if anyone still believes that Zach was primarily to blame for our poor start in 2017. That’s water under the bridge now, and I think the team did what it had to do at the QB position, but some HAM fans felt pretty strongly that he was done as a player.

8 ) He has looked good, but I don’t think he has returned to the “Peak Zach” form of 2015 when he was the best QB in the league before getting injured. For every deep pass he has completed, I have seen some near-interceptions that the defence just hasn’t snagged. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, though.

  1. Zach has probably played his way into contention for a starting QB role in 2020, assuming he wants to keep playing. Will be interesting to see if WPG favours him over Nichols. Still a risky move for a team to bet on him playing 18 games.

  2. I hope we play a good clean game on Sunday, and that Zach is still standing in the fourth quarter to make some last-minute desperation throws to try to pull off the miracle comeback. And that he falls short.

I also fell into the same trap as Milt Stegall. Really thought Zach should retire “for the good of his health.? Figured he was just one solid tackle away from a serious head injury.

He has obviously proved we doubters wrong, and with a very short and steep learning curve has picked up Winnipeg’s playbook and has executed it well. I wish him well, hope he remains healthy, but, really don’t want him to beat the Cats on Sunday. Sorry Zach, I’m hoping your three game win streak is it for 2019!

Have to agree with this. I think he is one hard hit away from his career ending - but in the meantime is a great competitor.

A very good QB who is rounding back into form.

You still don’t expect touch passes based on knowledge of receiver tendencies. It takes a while to really get that mental telepathy between QB and receiver.

Who do people think will be Collaros’ ‘go-to’ guy next week?

I forgot to include one point in my initial list.

Was this the best CFL trade since the Great Ricky Ray Giveaway? Without Collaros, WPG is surely eliminated in the semi-final. With him, their first Grey Cup appearance since 2011.

Darvin probably (except if 1-to-1 vs. Delvin), and Demski as the hot receiver.

I wonder if anyone still believes that Zach was primarily to blame for our poor start in 2017. That’s water under the bridge now, and I think the team did what it had to do at the QB position, but some HAM fans felt pretty strongly that he was done as a player.

I for one never thought that the Ticats bad start was Zach’s fault - the OL was TERRIBLE because they didn’t have decent tackles to begin the season. Most of the time he was out there running for his life. The defense wasn’t as good either when Reinbold switched from ST to DC and ST too took a hit. Zach didn’t forget how to play from one season to another. I ran into a couple of Ticats fans in our hotel at the Grey Cup in Ottawa that year and she said that the difference in the players demeanor on the sidelines when Masoli took over was very noticeable. Of course it was - they started to win but that was more because of coaching changes and the fact that the OL had improved with better tackles and June Jones instilling some confidence in the team again.
Zach has made some very good throws in the three games that he’s played in blue and gold in spite of having little time to learn the offence and become familiar with his receivers. That shows he still knows how to play well enough.
I’m happy that he gets to keep playing and wish him well but not enough to wish him (and the rest of the 'Peggers) a win on Sunday! However should the unthinkable happen (a Ticats loss) I won’t begrudge the BBs their moment of glory - or Zach - the Winnipeg fan base has been waiting even longer than Hamilton for that elusive GC win!

the only thing I know for sure is that Collaros doesn’t play for the Ti-Cats anymore and don’t feel this team is suffering for it. Also he now is the opposition so lets hope he gets hit hard and often. Let’s go out there and kick butt.

Our defence made Trevor Harris look ordinary. They will do the same to Collaros.

This is the best defence we’ve had (talent-wise and coaching-wise) in years.

Up to now I was cheering for Zach, and he’s done great. Its our time to win now, Zach can win when he is playing against another team.

We win - there are NO consolation prizes!

Orlondo over O’Shame one more time.

I like Collaros. The guy is a class act and I have good memories of his former Ticat days. I wish him the best of health but sorry Zach. I hope our Ticats destroy the Bombers.

Could one say that Collaros “bailed out” Winnipeg?

X 2 ?

Enough with the noticing…

Something seems different about Zach now compared to 2015 Zach. His mechanics and pocket presence seem kind of weird now. Almost like he’s in a panic to get the ball out of his hands before he gets hit or has to scramble. The injuries have definitely affected his mobility and willingness to be physical. I think if we pressure Zach enough he will go down quickly or throw a lot of errant passes.

Do we really think Zach is back? He threw for 197 yards and 1 td against Cal. Threw for 267 yards and 1 td against Sask a defense he spent years practicing with. Not exactly taking the league by storm.

Yes, Zach is back …

The great Dane has arrived with a great set of receivers and a Hammer “D”…:0)

Zach has made some nice throws in his 3 starts, but he’s hardly a dominant presence like he was in 2015.

I enjoyed TSN panel host Rod Smith’s well-stated observation at the end of this Dave Naylor review of Zach’s year – “The season started with Collaros vs. the TiCats and it’ll end with Collaros vs. the TiCats.”