Zach Collaros Bomber Ranking

I guess the excuse for Wobbly Wally (Gabler) was not having a support system in place for a guy with a small skill set like Wally.
Only reason we were able to acquire Collaros was he was deemed damaged goods by most CFL teams - and to tell you the truth I also thought Zach was pretty touched up. Bombers knew Game Manager Nichols might get them to playoffs but the road would end there - he just couldn't get enough points on the board to be competitive in semi-final or final playoff games.
We also had a monster freak named Chris Streveler to take some of the heat off of the immobile Nichols and the semi-fragile Collaros. Besides Zach & Harris - I thought Chris Streveler played a most unique role in grabbing our 1st Cup in 29 years. He simultaneously wore out and battered defenses with his bold running style.
Other teams may have considered Collaros (BC, Edmonton) but they had super high paid starters in place (Reilly, Harris). The one team that should have grabbed Collaros was Ottawa - but like my old pal Leo Cahill used to say - "they had 2 ideas and both of them were better!"

Isn't his shoulder injury from over two years ago?

If a year to heal and a year to rehab weren't enough I'm not certain another year does much ...

Maybe... maybe not. If he's willing to chill on the practice roster I'd have some patience. Maybe he'll heal up just in time to crack the roster before the season ends. Maybe he'll be the 'comeback kid' next year. It happens. :grin: