Zach Collaros a Cat?

Count me in.

I was critical of Burris after the 2012 season. Lots of big numbers, but too many costly mistakes and inconsistent play. Down the stretch of the 2013 season, it was much of the same. Good game, bad game, rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, at 38, nothing is going to change with Burris. If anything, he'll regress rather than improve.

Collaros, meanwhile, is 25 years old and won four consecutive road games at Montreal, Saskatchewan, Calgary, and Edmonton. All four wins were of the come-from-behind variety. Collaros seems to have that "it" factor, and while his play was somewhat inconsistent, it can be justified with his young age. He is only going to get better.

The bottom line is that Burris is near the end, and if Kent Austin thinks Collaros is the real deal, he needs to sign him.

Funny, after all the reminiscing about Calvillo and all the regret on passing over a great young QB talent, people would be excited over Colloros here.

Congratulations... most absurd idea posted on this board thus far in 2014.

It's early yet. . .

You obviously have not watched him closely as I have.

I saw ever CFL game this season (watching all the young QB's closely) and while Collaros looks as though he has some potential, Ray is a bonafide future hall of famer and wins games (3 GC's so far). At this point I think every team would love to have Ray over Collaros.

No one said Ricky is not an all-star, however he has been injury prone the last two years, is in his 30's and for me has passed his best before date.
Conversely, Zach has shown more then promise and is on an upswing.

Ray is the class of the league, especially in Milanovich's offence. Collaros over Ray is a non-starter in my book. As for Hamilton, ideally Burris mentors Collaros for a year. I think Collaros has the 'it' factor to be a string #1 but not yet. I think he'd benefit from playing a supporting role for a vet like Burris or Ray for another year but i think he has a great future in the CFL.

As for his NFL aspirations, i doubt if he's shown enough to generate much interest from the US. Maybe in a few years but not yet.

An Argo-Cat fan

Collaros has a strong arm, excellent pocket elusivity, toughness (took some wicked hits last year and jumped right back up), and a track record of winning games. Plus, he's much younger than Burris.

Burris made some excellent throws last year, threading the needle on a few gem long balls. If he re-signed in Hamilton, I wouldn't complain. But I think Austin is smart enough to realize that Burris can't play forever, and it's time to look at all options at QB going forward. Would it hurt Hamilton if Collaros ended up as Winnipeg's starter for the next 5 to 7 years? I'm sure that's also one of the factors Austin is considering.

Sorry, I forgot that Winnipeg is moving west.

With the exception of the CFL team that has Eric Tillman behind the scenes directing player personnel decisions.

One of Austin's other duties is also quarterbacks coach, which he is more than capable of if you watch practice.

I've been a big Collaros fan since day one so I would be very excited to see him become a Cat. As much as I've enjoyed watching Burris play for us the past couple years, to sign a 39 year old QB who's numbers significantly dropped off last season does not make much sense. We will be in some serious trouble in a year or two, or even this year, if we don't make a move now. People need to realize this.

Signing Collaros is a good move. And certainly less risky than some of the decisions Austin made in the playoffs :wink:

With Collaros's release today, what does Austin do? Odds are that Collaros asked for his early release so he could try to find a starting job. Would he sign with Hamilton today, knowing that it's possible that Burris could be trying out for the same job? Is he willing to wait another year or two playing behind Burris if Burris did sign with the Ticats again? Does Austin release Burris early once Collaros is signed?

And is Austin actually interested in Collaros, like the rumour out of Winnipeg stated?

What a fun time of year.

Collaros and his agent will not sign for anything less than starter money, which would leave Burris out of the equation if Zach signs with Hamilton.
Barker likely cannot even remotely entertain their exorbitant demands, hence the early release.

and there is little chance one or the other will accept backup $ or status at this point.

It certainly improves Austins options as there are only 2 teams without a signed #1 QB
He can now talk to Collaros early and is still the only team that can negotiate with Hank
This puts Austin in a much better negotiating position.

Don't believe it until it becomes fact and Austin says we've signed Collaros or re-signed Burris?

I think there is still too much going on at present time to be making any predictions or here say ands that's all it is until a deal is done.

I would agree that Burris will probably sign with another team, than re-signing with Hamilton and maybe not just Winnipeg although they would seem to be a front runner, but possibly Montreal, after AC announced his retirement just prior to Free Agency in the CFL, maybe Jim Popp would sign Burris if available, he already has Troy Smith and Tanner Marsh under contract, this would give him an instant proven starter same thing Winnipeg would be looking for except in the Bombers case they really don't have a starting QB at present.

If Austin does not re-sign Burris, we have four good young potential QB's to battle for the starting job and Austin can shape them the way he likes, to fit his team and style of play. I wouldn't be in a hurry to sign Collaros or Willy when available, they are starters but really no different than the QB's we already have, the only different QB available is Burris because of his experience and having won a Grey Cup with Calgary.

I say if we don't re-sign Burris, let's give our four QB's, LaFevour, Massoli, McGee and Brohm an opportunity!

I see it like you do. I'm a little perplexed by the hype around Zack. He did some wonderful things but in a wonderful system. Have people forgotten Casey Printers already ???

LeFevour and Masoli haven't shown us anything beyond an ability to run around. If Austin think's Collaros is a rising star, worth more than guy's he's got, and worth some growing pains next season in order to get, then I'll believe him. If there's one guy I'll trust to be able to evaluate a quarterback's talent, its Kent Austin.

As for signing him, its also, imo, just a case of whether Austin wants him or not. If Collaros is smart enough to be a starter in this league, he'll be smart enough to know that between Winnipeg and Hamilton, even if it means a paycut, the best career move would be to go to Hamilton and take on Austin as his mentor.
Hands down. Go to Winnipeg, be the next Quinton Porter, go to Hamilton, and it gives me my best chance to play to my full potential and who knows, maybe even get noticed by some NFL scouts. :wink:

Austin will have the benefit of not having to have an awesome win/loss record to make the playoffs in the weak East.
The team will gain momentum as the season progresses and will be the team to beat come playoff time.

I think Austin saw first hand last year that HB is a good QB. Just not good enough to win the BIG prize at this stage of his career!!

I think that turning down Henry's suggestion (demand?) for a seemingly top ended contract was a wise one on the part
of Kent Austin. Henry needs to remember he will be 39 years old during training camp this year and that he threw 21
interceptions last year. (Please correct me if I am wrong about that number) Some here have mentioned that they
weren't aware of any conflict last year between Austin and Burris. Well I saw Austin more than once get into Burris'
grill and ream him out for stupid plays.

I disagree with what some of you say about Collaros' experience as a CFL QB. He played 7 full games last season,
winning 5 of them and looked pretty good doing it. Its true that despite his good numbers in Toronto, he could still turn
out to be a flop. Personally, I believe that based on his age (25) and what he has shown us todate, Collaros is worth the
risk. A move like this was bound to happen soon anyway.

The one thing that continues to nag at me is our offensive line. They were not a whole lot of help to Burris last year
and I'm presuming that the changes currently being made in that area will provide better protection for the quarterback.