Zach Collaros a Cat?

The Winnipeg Sun reported on Monday that Burris is headed to the Bombers on February 15 while Collaros signs with Hamilton. Apparently, the Bombers aren't convinced Collaros is a sure-fire #1 while Hamilton obviously liked what they say of him last season.

I wonder if Hamilton would really let Burris get away? He's still brings alot to a team.

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If this is true, this is a big mistake, Collaros IMO has not proven he can be an everday starter, he did not look good in more than half his starts last year

I'm for this move albeit I will admit I don't know all that much about Collaros from a character/personality aspect but I think he has the skill set to be a great first stringer in this league.

. . .and therein lies the gamble, Earl. Collaros may have the skill set to be a great starter in the league. Equally well, he may flop. We just don't know at this point. Burris, on the other hand, is an established great starter.

"Three people told me today they think Burris will end up in Winnipeg over the Ticats," a CFL source told the Sun.

... and a source said the Ticats are hoping Collaros hears about their interest through the league grapevine.

Sounds pretty definite to me. Better order my Collaros jersey before they're all gone.

Wouldn't surprise me at all. It was a poorly kept secret that Burris and Austin didn't see eye to eye. I think Austin is willing to gamble on a QB of his choosing. I like Burris and wish we could keep him though. He did great things last year.

Burris and Willey over Collaros who that still has NFL aspirations. I'm not surprised the Bombers need to improve now, there are economic levers at work here.

I am not sure how much I like this idea. Is this the year to be taking a gamble like this. They have been in Guelph for a year and with the new stadium I am not sure how bringing in a guy who is pretty much a rookie. Hamilton needs to develop and bring a long a young QB, but this being our first winning season Hamilton needs to build on that. This move could easily make them battling Ottawa for the basement. How willing are fans willing to endure a rebuild. This could very easily go the way of Porter except with no Kevin Glenn type to fall back on. Porter like Collaros showed flashes of having the right stuff to be the guy and we all know how this worked.

What I find odd is that Hamilton already has four good young prospects... They need another one ? Must be a money issue.

Doesn’t sound even close to being definite to me…

Three unnamed peole told another unnamed person who to;d the Winnipeg Sun that they think Burris wil end up in Winnipeg.

And one unnamed person says he hears the Ticats are hoping Collaros will hear through the grapevine that they are interested in him.

The rumour mill is a wonderful thing.

I agree. I can live without the uncertainty of fourth-quarter-come-from-behind victories (or not!)

Agree with this too. Burris is a proven starter and with four young prospects on the roster already who have had one year of Austin's system, it makes more sense to me to re-sign Hank for a year or two rather than hanging our hats on an unproven potential starter, Collaros, who is looking to be #1

I have no problem with this....if it turns out to be true.
If the 38 year old Burris and Kent Austin were not always on the same page, then it is time to make a move. Collaros has lots of potential and so do the other 3 young QB's we have. A starter will emerge from all of this now that Austin has players who want to fit in with his plan.
As we have discussed before, Henry's days were numbered anyway.
I'm expecting more surprises over the next couple of months as the re-building continues.

I think it's a terrible idea myself, at least for the Ti-Cats. You still have a team that has proven it can get to the Grey Cup, tinkering is fine, but removing the engine of your offence is something you do after Burris starts to show his age.

Collaros might have the tools needed, but he's still a second half QB, and isn't going to benefit from a veteran QB to help mentor him, other then Austin himself who has HC and Manager duties to deal with.

I'm with Dunnigan on this one when he says, if you are going to replace the old bucket, you better be sure the new one holds water.

From an Argos perspective, Collaros to me is the real deal and I wish the team would sign him and yes trade Ricky.

I agree with the sentiment that this is not the year for a move like this. Moving into THF we need stability to build up the fan base. We went from missing the playoffs to the GC in one year under Henry and Kent. Another year (or two or three) of development/rebuilding could wipe out all that was achieved last year. Keep the momentum rolling.

If there were major riffs between Burris and Austin then I didn't see it. Kent always emphatically stated the relationship between the two was solid. A good relationship has disagreements but as long as the focus is improvement then that is a positive thing.

I would like to see Hank here for another year or two and really develop Lefevour. Just my opinion.

More a rumour of a rumour here. Not saying it won't happen - where there's smoke, there's fire, and all - but I'm not even seeing smoke. Although someone did say that someone they know saw some.

Personally, I hope it doesn't happen. We had a competitive team last year, and now that the rookies have a year's experience under their belt, it could be even better this year. Austin has to realize that he'd have a riot on his hands if he dumps Burris and the team has a poor season. So unless Burris decides he really wants to move on (and to Winnipeg? Is he nuts?), I don't see him leaving. I suspect it's a negotiation ploy on Burris's part. "Winnipeg is offering $X. Give me close to that and I'll stay."

Of the four ( Burris, Collaros, LeFevour and Masoli) who is a bona fide starter?

A gamble, for sure.

Getting rid of Burris is a pretty big risk, IMO. None of the other QBs have proven much at all.

If anybody in our organization has an eye for QB talent, its Kent Austin....

From the Riderfans message boards, apparently Oshea and Collaros butted heads in Toronto last year and he (Collaros) would have been an unlikely fit in Winnipeg.

Personally, I would be sad to see Burris go, but Collaros did lead the blows to victories last year @ Taylor Field and McMahon stadium, something Burris et al. couldn't do, even though Burris a storied CFL career on his resume...

I guess we'll see.

Austin has been slow to sign our FA's

Still left to be re-signed

Marc Beswick
Henry Burris
Torrey Davis
Jamall Johnson
Simoni Lawrence

All important players