Zach and his Agent to Renegotiate his Contract...HMMMMM

OK, so this one has me puzzled. GM Jones came out and said that he was well underway renegotiating Zach's contract with him and his agent. Same day he was traded.
This after it was stated that Zach would not renegotiate his contract here in Hamilton.
It was obvious that Zach was going to fit in the Tiger-cat salary cap at his $540K number so did Zach pull a power play to get himself out of town?
Did Zach not want to play in Hamilton any longer?

Very interesting...It will be fascinating to me when the truth comes out.

The whole brilliant plan is now becoming clear. The genius part of it was when Zach got himself benched, and then somehow convinced the new coach not to play him at all in the final 10 games except for three plays. I still think Zach was pulling strings in the commissioner's office on the whole Manziel thing.

But on a more serious note: exactly why do you think he'd want to sit on the bench in Hamilton for backup money rather than start somewhere else for starter money?

And what makes you think Hamilton asked him to renegotiate?

Well I think the whole Zach will not renegotiate came out long before it appeared that Manziel was coming to Hamilton. If Zach had renegotiated in Hamilton I think he would have had a chance to compete for the starting QB job in Hamilton and may have made Manziel trade bait. I would love to have had Collaros and Masoli in camp competing for the starters job. In fact that would have been my preferred option with trading Manziel to Montreal and reaping some additional assets.

That's great. What makes you think Hamilton asked him to renegotiate?

Just what has been written. No inside scoop here.
Mathew Scianitti was quoted in a pretty famous rant that looks pretty accurate now "and I will go so far as to guarantee that he will not renegotiate his contract with the Ticats, and he will be wearing a different uniform next season."

I don't know if he was asked by Hamilton to renegotiate or not.

He will need to renegotiate in Saskatchewan, or he will probably be traded or let go by the end of the month. They are not likely to want to pay him a $250k bonus unless they have the whole salary package settled, and I doubt very much they will be any more inclined than Hamilton was to pay him $540k for the season.

OK, I think I've got you. A reporter said he would not renegotiate, but no one has ever uttered a word suggesting the team wanted him to renegotiate. I suppose Austin wanted to keep Zach, but he read the article, threw up his hands and didn't even try.

Anyway, the bigger point is, there would be no reason for Zach to waste away his career (and financial future) on the bench as long as there are still coaches in the league who believe he can start. Anyone with so little pride, drive and competitiveness would never have made it to the pro QB level in the first place.

8)Considering that the illustrious Austin would not even speak to Zach for the last 2 months of the season, then it would be pretty hard for him to be asked anything !!! ::slight_smile:

Just let Austin leave town and go back to his college job where ever, and let Tillman run the show,
as GM !! :slight_smile: This team will be much better off that way !!

Zach wants to start. He probably didn't think that was going to happen in Hamilton going forward, so there was no incentive to accept a reduced salary here.

Exactly....June Jones has made his choice of starter. I don’t care how good Collaros could have looked in training camp, he had no hope of starting under June Jones.
I hope he lights it up next year. (but I still want to beat Saskatchewan!)

Pat, to me this is like the Condell departure story.

All we know is guesswork. Scianitti is likely closest to the truth, since he spoke with Collaros and it's been said that the two are friends.

Meantime, all WE'VE heard or read is second or even third hand information at best

There has been noquotes or story DIRECTLY from those involved.

Not that any of it is our business.

I would imagine when the season ended Zach's agent would've contacted the Cats with what their intentions are with his client. At that point his agent would have advised Zach that they will wait for a trade or his release that way he can make a deal with the team he is playing for. I'd also imagine in order to get the trade done a convo was had about a new deal between Sask and Zach

Are you actually citing a fact here? Austin would not speak to Zach for 2 months is an interesting tidbit of info. Or are you just making that up?

Well if I were in Zack’s shoes I would tell TiCat management to give me what they signed me up for, nothing less. I am sure that he didn’t feel “the love? carrying around a clip-board for half the season. I dont think he is so crazy as to think he can command $540k from any other team and sleep at night. He probably will renegotiate with Sask. Smart move on his part and a new start!

Would be nice to beat Sask but I doubt it will happen. Not now with Zack, a motivated Zack!

Of course Zach would renegotiate. Why would he do that here to be a backup when he can do it to start?

This is all water under the bridge now - all a moot point.
It' time to move on just the way many of us did when Hank was traded; and we started cheering for Zach. Now let's fill the donut box and cheer for Massolli and Manziel (if he signs)
Those that love Zach you can still cheer for him in Sask; just the way I cheered Hank when he went to Ottawa.(obviously not against the cats)

If he wasn't motivated by the highest salary in the league and the unwavering support of his head coach no matter how much he lost then he's not much of a competitor

You have no idea what your talking about! You’ve proven over and over and over that you’re not a Zach supporter. We’ve all read it over and over and over. He’s gone now....sit back and gloat.... you got your wish.

Not so fast. He hasn't yet posted on this thread that Zach went 0-12. He's posted it on most other threads, and every time, it's like hearing it for the first time. Always such a useful insight.