Zac is back tonight on Sunday Night Football

No one is talking about …Zac is back tonight on Sunday Night Football returns 7 Eastern !

what does that tell you?

Ya, and about time we let go…

We’ll be talking about Zac’s great form tomorrow when score ends up like the Melon Heads,Red under and Green on top…(?!)

Zack is doing fantastic!

I told you so! Oops too early to say that.

Riughriders putting on a show tonight. Bo Levi has eaten the ball several times already! Not too cocky tonight.

Good to see Zach taking charge and regaining his old form. He seems to make everyone on offence play better. 'nuff said.

Zac is definitely back. And I also was a believer in him. Which do you think will reach the
G.C. game first- Collaros or Masoli? We will see.


I know it’s water under the bridge. But…after watching Collaros in action tonight I can’t see how anyone can conclude we are better off with Masoli.

Hi GOTC1. And to think there were those out there who thought it was a great idea to get rid of Zack. Itz not always about $. If it was, TiCats would have never signed Zack in first place. They signed him originally because they thought he was our best option to a GC. Thatz why you spend the big $. We didn’t have patience after his ACL injury. Didn’t give him a. Chance after the team attitude changed after Austin left. Patience is a virtue not held by TiCats.

Have to say, GOTC1 and ok me too always felt TiCats were wrong letting Zack go.

Can you beleive Slomojo2005 how many posters we argued in the past about this subject and
they thought we were nuts. Well I hope they are watching the game tonight.

He has been better than average.

I felt it was Zacks time to go. It was hard to see him getting back to form with us at all, but easy to see him rekindled with a new team. Good on him.

Yep. Gotta go with your gutt!

See Jones, June. Head Coach, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Canadian Football League

All of them are WRONG!

And guess what Slomojo2005 if we kept Collaros, there would have been no reason for us
to trade Charleston Hughes for Adams. How about that.

Yep, you folks are right. Call up Saskatchewan and tell them we want Zach back now. Tell him we can use him on Thursday.

Based on the logic I’ve seen in posts critical of Masoli, Rider fans are supposed to be upset that Collaros didn’t throw any touchdown passes.