Zac Carlson

Released by the much for Obie trying to pawn this guy off in a trade.....Gave up a no 1 draft pick this year for him also :lol: :lol: cats are looking like we did last year with a few player dealings....The stumps will be knocking on his door shortly ,as they look like they took some big hits on their o line... :roll: I don't think we'll bring him in, as we look to have our hogs all sorted.. :wink:

And I thought Obie was perfect. :lol:

LOL . . .

Only a Winnipeg fan would say that, recalling the Moreno for the rights to Mace trade.

Mind you, he flipped the rights to Mace for Arland Bruce, so I guess in the end he came up okay on that.

But yes, losing draft picks for a guy you release doesn't strike me as good business. . . .

What other player dealings are you talking about? Please don't mention the Moreno trade... it was 2 years ago and we ended up getting Arland Bruce out of it in the long run.

Papa, every post I read from you is so cold-hearted, it almost makes me think you're resentful for some reason.

No, seriously. Lighten up, dude. If Obie were your GM, you'd love him. If Mack were our GM, you'd think he was a fool. I have nothing against Winnipeg or even the Bombers really. You may even see me compliment them once in a while. But the venom you spew against the Cats (especially over a silly player release) is ridiculous. Makes you seem insecure about your team.

To borrow a quote from the 80s, take a chill pill.

Catsfan, according to posts made by other Ticat fans at the CFL forum, the man can do no wrong. He wins every trade and never makes a mistake. Fans from other teams will critisize their team's management if they disagree with something but Obie gets a pass from Ticat fans on every questionable move. For example, critisism regarding player releases/trades always seem to end with comments like "but it's Obie so he'll probably fleece another team and get someone better". :roll:

You want an example of a player dealing from earlier this season... Ticats fans roasted Bomber management for the way they released some players and yet when Obie does it, it's just business. Personally, I don't see much difference in the way Glenn's release was handled compared to the way Goodspeed's release was.

Blue Blood as usual you make very good points. . . save and except for the last one.

There was a big difference between how Glenn was released by Winnipeg and Goodspeed by Hamilton. Hamilton's coach didn't spout off thereby negating any trade value Goodspeed may have had. Kelly, on the other hand, did. Therein lies the difference.

And I sincerely hope that is the last time I have cause to mention that man's name . . . it's in the past, I'd like to leave it there~!

Otherwise, as usual, you are bang on. "In Obie I trust" is a mantra in Hamilton.

This coming from a bomber fan who amongst his other BB fans WET themselves at EVERY signing Mack makes, they are ALL future All Stars.....

pot... meet kettle!!

LOL... and according to them, every qb who has missed a game due to injury in his career is injury prone, except for Buck Pierce, who has missed 18 games in 3 years... :lol:

....catsfan 00000 have reverted to that 0 because of your senseless attack on my person... :lol: with the statement that i'm cold-hearted.....I'm really warm and fuzzy....just ask my wife..... :lol: ...Blueblood is correct ,when it was was pointed out ..... .HEY OBIE CAN DO NO WRONG....heh heh....This is a colossal blunder.....take it like a man and admit it for cripes sake....I pointed out we blew a lot of dealings last year....AND WE DID....but c'mon ....admit it, this Carlson episode was a horrendous me want you want for pointing it out....but with your 'protesting' the facts....I think my friend thou protesteth too much....(not my quote) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Halfers, fInd one post where I gushed about a player signing. You won’t. And, for the record, I’m a woman.

Madjack, I disagree. Kelly said Glenn wasn’t part of the Bombers’ plans and cut Glenn before a big bonus was due. Obie said that Goodspeed’s future with the Ticats was in doubt and then released him before a big bonus was due. Where’s the difference.

The difference was in the way they talked about them. Kelly disrepected Glenn publicly; Obie didn't do that to Goodspeed. More a difference in style. But it's over let's leave it all in the past.

Kelly said that Glenn needed a fresh start elsewhere and called Glenn's contract an albatross. How is that being disrespectful to Glenn? I do agree though... the past is the past and it's best left there.

BTW, Drew Edwards at the Spectator is saying Carlson has already signed with the Stamps. Not much of a surprise there.

Isn't it so typical of Ticat fans. They can't counter an argument so they insult us instead. :roll:

Im willing to admit that the drafting of Zac Carlson was a mistake. That doesn't mean i should get a big hate on for Obie, he's still a great gm and is allowed a bad move every once in a while.

Who said anyone should hate Obie? He is a good GM and has done an excellent job turning things around in Hamilton. It's the fact so many Cat fans won't admit he's human and makes mistakes that we're poking fun at.

Alright well, i’ll admit he’s human and makes mistakes. I’m sure a lot of others will too. I think with all the good moves he has made, we have developed a trust in him. The sort of thing where when he makes a questionable signing or trade and we just think “Okay he’s got something up his sleeve” or “He knows something about this guy that we don’t”.

With that many draft picks, your bound to get a bad apple in the bunch, it's just the law of averages.

I'll take the occasional bad move from Obie considering how many good moves he's made. For every Zac Carlson there's a Jamall Johnson, Otis Floyd, Markeith Knowlton, Dylan Barker, Kevin Glenn, Arland Bruce, Dave Stala, Sandro DeAngelis, etc. Obie makes more correct calls than incorrect ones. The Carlson one is a big blunder, but look at all the other high draft picks that have been released, it's not that uncommon. The reason we Cat fans put so much faith in Obie is because he's earned it. And yes, "In Obie, I Trust."

Has been signed by Calgary and transferred to 1 game injury list.


Papa, I do owe you an apology. I am very sorry for calling you 'cold-hearted'. What I meant was that your comments can come across as awfully cold, not that you as a person is cold-hearted.

You have almost like a 'Our team does everything right and your team just sucks' attitude and it tends to irk me. I am sure if you found a spelling error in a Ticat program, you would take note of it on this forum and brag that it would never happen with the Bombers... and then go way off comment and mention something about Willis-Hunt-Lobo-Dough Brown-making Glenn eat turf even though it has been mentioned in every single one of your posts and even if that's not what the original post was about. But that's my problem not yours. I'm sure you're a swell guy :thup: . Just too bad you cheer for the wrong team :wink: j/k.

As for Obie, Ticat fans do tend to stand behind him, but we have disagreed with him in the past. The Moreno trade was a debacle, and many were upset. He turned it around by using Mace to get Bruce though. I believe Obie also got rid of Hitchcock and Morreale, who were fan favourites here. Many were po'd about that. And I will totally admit, that he probably blew it with the Carlson thing. You might see comments like 'I sure hope Obie knows what he's doing' or 'maybe Obie knows something we don't'. But Obie has done a lot to help turn around this franchise, that generally we tend to give Obie the benefit of the doubt.