Zac Carlson

I hope this guy amounts to something ... there was some very impressive talent selected in the first round of todays draft that we had to forfeit on because of our actions last spring.

I don't think he has a hope in hell of starting anytime soon TBH.He's sliding right down the depth chart.That doesn't mean he's not going to be a great OL in this league, that's just not true.But why would we start a shakie newbie when we could start a solid vet.?I was kinding of hoping we could trade Carlson as now he has become unneeded depth.Hasn't happened yet, but the draft trade attempt prove's that Obie's open to it.

Drafts are a funny thing. On draft day, everyone seems like they are going to be the next great player. Most of the players that were drafted today will not be playing football within the next 3 years.

Carlson looked like a stub coming out last year. He didn't amount to much during his rookie campaign. We have to wait and see.

When you get "jealous" of other teams that seemed to have drafted well, you have to realize that the draft means nothing. Rob Bagg didn't even get drafted and he's a stud WR for SSK.

Look at the Cats draft history and you will see that we have never been good at drafting.

The experts say that this was a "deep draft" but what does that really mean. Not everyone who has played at a high level of college/univ can make the jump to the big time.

Carlson will be a project for the next year or so. If he doesn't make the cut, then we move on.

I agree on Points but Carlson Just don't look like much and Think the Ticats may cut him lose if don't get better this year.

Just because Carlson was supposedly offered up in a trade doesnt automatically make him a bust. To make a trade attractive you have to offer somebody remotely valuable .

What's with all the hate on Carlson? The poor kid got injured last year and the team was doing Ok so there was no need to rush him back. It's way too soon to write the guy off and you can never have enough solid Canadian linemen. Let him come to camp and fight for some playiing time. George Hudson is no spring chicken and every team has to deal with injuries from time to time. There's a good chance fans will be glad the team has a Zac Carlson ready to step in and perform when needed.

Did anyone think this kid WASN'T going to be a long-term project?? I don't get Carlson bashing either. Even though we gave up our first round pick in this year's draft for him, I was not labouring under the illusion that he was going to be a walk-on. Haven't people realized that the draft is a crap shoot and more often than not these kids don't start right away? I thought the plan all along was to draft Rottier and Carlson and to bring them along behind the current O-line so that when some of our older guys are ready to call it quits they will be ready. I didn't expect him to start immediately and therefore am not disappointed that he isn't ready to start yet. Give him a break.

I agree. Teams do not generally draft a player with the expectation that he will be a starter in the first year. However, they do expect him to compete, learn and grow his skills and if he earns a starting position immediately, it's a bonus.
In Carlson's case, apparently he has not shown that he is able to make the step to the next level. He was a consensus blue chip OL prospect when he was drafted but, as with all draftees, there is a risk that he will never reach that potential.
There are other examples of first round picks that didn't pan out. A similar one would be Mark Moroz, an OL who the Argos selected in the first round in 2004 and who also spent time with the Ticats. I don't think he ever played a regular season game in the CFL.

Its too early to judge the kid and really unfair. However the price paid by the team for him was very high, everyone knew the 2010 and 2011 drafts were going to be very niiiice. Now it isn't the end of the world as the Cats have so many kids in house right now that there isn't really much room on the roster for any more, it just happened that there was a kicker they would really have liked and had the Cats held on to their first round pick, they may have been able to move up.

whoa... what? are we talking football here? what's going on?

Is there any such thing?? Especially as a non-import O-lineman??

Somebody needs to replace departed free agent Cedric Gagne-Marcoux as a backup non-import offensive lineman on the active roster. The fact that the Ticats did not draft an offensive lineman yesterday indicates their belief that either Zac Carlson or Matt Morencie can fill that position.

the only way he makes this team is if we have injuries along the line or he is saved on the injured list all year. To give up the first pick for him has more to do with how the team rated him, rather than Carlson's ability. Carlson shouldnt have been a first rounder but those that tested him and watched film on him cost us a pick this year. He was not in shape and was not game ready at any point in time last year. The team should have looked ahead and noted the depth of the 2010 draft before offering a 1st rounder for Carlson last year.

Morencie will not drop below Carlson on the depth chart, and the other 7 are fully ahead of both on that depth chart.

Here's hoping Carlson proves me wrong. None of this is his fault.

You say he wasnt in shape then you say it wasnt his fault? lol

He has the talent, it's up to him to prove he was worth the pick.

He's a tackle, we dont need a 3rd non import tackle. He's not going to replace Marcoux as a back up guard and i wasnt a fan of them playing Rottier out of possition at guard last year either.


My point is, you personally can be tested as a potential draft pick, but its the responsibility of those that are selecting you, to know that you are not worth a first round pick.

I agree with every word of this post, and the other posts in this thread that say it's too soon to say forfeiting our first round pick to get Carlson was a mistake. In particular, I agree with the sentence I emphasized above.

And here's what Drew Edwards said at the end of his latest blog post here: ... lysis.html

Carlson has a year of CFL experience and will be in camp again this spring - which can't be said for a number of the o-line prospects in this draft. Most people I talk to still believe he has the potential to be a good player in this league.

But like al things with the Canadian draft, only time will tell.

Very true, last year everyone was talking like he was a first overal quality player and if he was a beast when they worked him out and from the scouting they did then the player needs to take his share of the blame for reporting out of shape and regressing as a player. But also I agree it is the teams fault at not doing enough research into his attitude which is one of the most important things to evaluate in a player and why the best nfl teams spend several hours extensively interviewing players. Apparantly Denver spent about 7 hours interviewing and going over film with Tim Tebow.

How the hell do you know Carlson is sliding down the depth chart ? Its the off season isnt it ??????