Zac Carlson drafted

The TiCats took Zac Carlson today in the supplemental draft along with the signing of Rottier Hamilton's o-line is quickly becoming one of the best.

Hamilton's o-line is quickly becoming one of the best.
I love your enthusiasm and I share your optimism, but lets judge them after half a dozen games or so... 8)

Indeed. I know some here were disappointed with our draft (the Tristan Black non-pick was one for me), but I believe the key to the entire draft for this year was to a) get Rottier first overall and b) secure Carlson in the supplemental draft. Couple their signings with the acquisitions of Goodspeed and Gauthier and the snot-dislodgement quotient for our O-line play has spiked big time!

Carlson and Rottier may wind up as guards when all is said and done. Both men are very athletic and they should be able to push the level of competition at camp at both guard and tackle. The key indicators for their status will be whether George Hudson can remain healthy and if Cedric Gagne-Marcoux will be back to form from his shoulder injury. It means that the Cats are poised from being a O-line embarrassment at times to an embarrassment of riches (the non-import level here is a huge ratio buster).

Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

The draft worked out amazingly for the ticats, people are sad because we didn't take all of the big names on the board and instead took guys we personally scouted for weeks and thought could be CFL great's someday. Certainly sounds like an F grade draft to me! sarcasm FYI we didn't need a candian LB, we already have fantastic N/I LB's IE. Yanick Carter, Ray Mariuz, Aguie Barrenechea.

All 3 of Linebacker IMO are better at Special Teams..
Ray had Fair season last year (but the guy he Replaced won a grey cup in Calgary)
Don't much about Carter.
As for Auggie he been here before and we traded him.
There A Reason Edmonton let him go cause he burn to offen in passing game