Zabransky: To Toronto

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I'm miffed on this, is Zabransky ready? :? Thoughts from anyone on their views if this trade (to Toronto or....) happens. Who backs up Ricky? Will Cleo Lemon be involved or?................He has CFL experience and has the ability to prosper. For me, I like C. Lemon and I am aware the Eskies need O-Linemen.

Does he think he's ready to be a starter in the CFL? Well according to that article, yes.

Do I think he's ready to be a starter in the CFL? Based on what I saw last year, I'd say no.

But I can see his point. . . he's 27. . .

I suspect you are in a minority. I'm less impressed with him than I am with Zabransky.

This is still just speculation, so I wouldn’t get too esxcited just yet.

What I find surprising about these rumours is Tillman said one of his main objectives was to improve the QB depth. You can’t do that if you only have one QB on the roster.

[quote="MadJack] [I suspect you are in a minority Lemon. I'm less impressed with him than I am with Zabransky.quote]

You are being honest MadJack and yes I am in the minority on Cleo Lemon. Ray is a drop back pocket type QB compared to Zabransky who will roll out. With the new Offensive Corodinator there could be good things on the horizon. Like Chief has stated this is all speculation, but anyway I'm just trying to get some talk going in the Eskie forum,

The thing about a Zabransky-Lemon trade is Zabransky is 27 and Lemon is 31. It doesn't make sense for Edmonton. With Ricky Ray getting older, we should really be looking for our next QB, not some guy that's only going to be able to give us a year or two.

On a related note, does anyone know anything about this Matt Nichols? I noticed he's listed on the roster. 23-years-old, soon to be 24.

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This is all I could find Chief.

Hmm. Sounds like he was pretty good in college, and Tillman certainly seems high on him. But I still don't think we should trade Zabransky. Not unless it involves another QB, preferably one who isn't in his 30s.

I still think ET is playing coy, but if he is not we will gladly take Z off your hands.

Tillman does have options for sure, just have to wait and see what happens when the 2011 season gets closer.

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...he is on the Eskimos' neg. list.