Cheap shot artist. Deliberately drove his knees into Banks well after Banks was down on a play in the second half. Of course no penalty called on the play.

Not to mention one of the tacklers was face masking Speedy as well!

I think we were all in agreement. The Refs were bad tonight for both teams

You can bet your bottom dollar that Austin will be sending that film to the CFL Head Office and that supplemental discipline will be handed out...

between Yourachicks knee and the kick/trip attempt on Underwood. im glad we wont see this disgusting team again in the reg season.

nothing but the worst for the Arhols, because that’s all they deserve

Not to mention he tried to start a fight with Jeff Matthews because he accidentally bumped into him

well, we can all take comfort that he's his his max average number of starts for the year.

Enjoy the pines James.