Yup! You guys NAILED it!

I'm a TiCat fan and I'm GREEN with envy @ your "new" look!

We suck but watching your team on TV makes me love football again!

Keep that OLD-SCHOOL look just make the faceguards grey and the pants white! You'll win the 'Cup and look good doing it!

Oskee-Wee...need a QB!

Couldn't agree with you more! Those retro uniforms with the helmets looked SHARP!

I was very impressed, and a fantastic finish to boot while wearing them!

I will be the first to quasi-eat my words, and say that the blandness of the uniforms was made better by the helmets, and they did look sharp....still don't think I'll buy one, though.....

They looked a 100% better with the old style helmets.. I will eat my words, I will buy a retro jersey eventually.. and a retro hat as well.

I loved the uni's. If i was to get one i'd probably get Reed.

Retro is pure beauty...I'm buying a cap and jersy for me and my Shmoes buddy....for a brief moment seeing #20 on the field looked alot like #34 from days gone by....YEE HOO...GO RIDERS

The lids looked great with the BIG old-school logo. Also, loved how the shoulder stripes and helmet stripe made for three parallel, vertical lines…very cool effect.

I would be very curious to see the Away retro-white uni's, anyone know if they even exist?

Im not sure, but I kinda doubt it

I do believe they differed slightly than the one's for sale. The game worn Jerseys did not have the 'S' on the shoulders, they had the number instead.

It wouldn't have looked nearly as good without the helmet though, they must read these boards because I suggested that :wink:

The biggest difference between the game jerseys and the ones being sold to the fans is the colour.
The dark green is sharp.
The lighter green, not so much...
Rumour is the darker green will be available later on...and if so, I'll be waiting until then to buy one...

And thank god they did the helmets right.
Another rumour is they considered just putting a sticker of the old "S" over the new "S".
And that would have been S stands for s..uck.

Bottom line..the new unis rock!!

i think they looked dam sharp on the field nice jersey in deed