You've gotta love the LIons' chances!

Some might argue that the Lions beat Hamilton because it was a mean nothing game for Hamilton. Ask Otis Floyd if it was a mean nothing game. lol Lulay threw over 400 yards in that game. 400 YARDS! TRAVIS LULAY! I love the way this guy is improving each and every game.

If The Rough Riders are not concerned they should be. Sure they beat Edmonton but they were also down by 16 at one point in the game. Can the Rough Riders stop Jamal Robertson? Are they wondering what they'll do about Davis? And let's remember Arceneaux, Simon, Black and Jackson. Hunt is back! The team is healthy.

Durant can dismantle a defense single handedly when he's on his game- which unfortunately is most of the time. But the Roughies lost 4 straight games and there were few personnel changes that attributed to that. While the Roughies were losing the Lions were winning.

Regardless of individual stats, who won more games or all that stuff, the only advantage I see Saskatchewan having is that the game is being played in Regina.

No doubt the Rough Riders front line will be looking for Lulay' head so watch for plenty of blitzes. If the Riders can take Lulay out of the game [legitimately of course, none of this clothes lining on the sidelines like Otis Floyd] they will try. They Know Jarious Jackson has not had much game experience this season.

I think this game is going to be a game of nerves. No one wants to make that game breaking mistake that will cost the game. My hope is that the refs do not decide the outcome of the game by making some controversial call.

Bottom line? Saskatchewan came hard out of the gate but are not as strong as they were at the beginning of the season. The Lions crawled out of the gate but are stronger than ever. Perhaps even stronger than they were last year! It appears that it is not Saskatchewan that is the team to beat but rather the Lions! Wouldn't it be something if we saw a Hamilton/Lions Grey Cup this year?

They Know Jarious Jackson has not had much game experience this season.
We all know what jjack can do to the Riders when he comes off the bench :wink:

beaglehound you are right :slight_smile: bc has a great shot. HERE COME THE LIONS.