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Canadian Business News
July 27, 2007

Wendy’s Introduces Innovative Marketing Concept

As a major corporate sponsor of the Canadian Football League, Wendy’s International Inc., one of the world's most successful restaurant operating and franchising companies, with more than 6,300 Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers restaurants in North America, has conceived a brilliant marketing campaign to elevate national sales of their new ‘Baconator’ burger sandwich.

Wendy’s has received permission from the CFL and will be working closely with television broadcasters CBC and TSN to replace the football seen on all live broadcasts with a computer generated image of a ‘Baconator’ burger. State of the art computer graphics will allow the CGI hamburger to fully replace the football used during the play of all CFL games for the rest of this season. The burger image can mirror the size and angle of any camera shot the broadcasters might have of the football while it is in motion or at rest between plays.

Dismayed by lagging sales early into this new product campaign Wendy’s spokesperson Laura Froese commented “This groundbreaking marketing strategy will set the benchmark for the future. We commend the CFL on their wisdom of allowing us to replace a small and seemingly insignificant item of the game with the most incredible edible burger on the streets of Canada. We feel ‘The Baconator’ will now be given the exposure to make it not only the best selling food product in the industry but may cement it’s place in Canadian Sports legend lore.?

Ms. Froese indicated plans are already in the works to digitally replace players helmets with Biggie Size soft drink cups and french fry containers, which will differentiate between the Home and Away teams.

Ya got too much time on your hands red!


as long as they dont make the helmets look like pizzas cause that will totally screw up my diet.

...and Big Death Size pops and fries don't?...

Where do you come up with these things? :lol:

I think if some company really wants to get their money's worth, they should advertise on the officials flags. Also put something on the front of the referee's jersey. :slight_smile:

naww, I dont even like most fries anymore. They havent really been good since PRE trans days, about 30+ yrs ago.

seems more like what Bettman would want in the NHL...

That would probably get more Americans to watch right? I mean thats all that matters to him.

Hahaha well written. It would be believable if the topic wasn’t so ridiculous. Even the CFL isn’t that bush league. Some minor league baseball teams might do that.


Well Maybe not quite, but close.

Guess the quarterback will now spend more time eating the ball.

After the horrible call the refs made in the Montreal/Toronto game last night (the pass interference call), maybe "Lenscrafters" should sponsor the CFL. Lenscrafters could be printed on the refs shirts. Lenscrafters could also provide official CFL glasses to all the refs!

This could be the official slogan: "With Lenscrafters glasses, you won't blow a lot of cash, or any calls on the football field!".

Wow. Way too much time on your hands! :lol: :lol:

Maybe Jack Astor's is in need of some shameless promotion

yet people say I ahve too much time on my hands... :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

dude, go outside. lol.

This groundbreaking marketing strategy will set the benchmark for the future.

And who says the corporate sector isn`t just as dillusional as the public sector
Cute plan but "groundbreaking"

Shades of the "Hi-lighted" purple puck. :cry: :cry:

Red, far too much time on your hands! :lol: :lol: :lol: