Does anyone here watch a lot of YouTube like me? (mostly video games, eons and lately cat videos)

So should the CFL create some type of creator’s club for fans to make videos on CFL news and players?

When I try to search for such personalities I mostly just find Grey Cup bootlegs and regular season match ups (doesn’t the league want money off these things;???).

It would be nice to have something other than cats to watch (though cats are nice–the angry kitten at the vet was hilarious).


Huge You Tube guy and watch more of it all the time . Good idea .

Watching ALL in the Family on Youtube as I type this .

One thing I do like on you tube CFL wise was all the in stadium game experience from a fans prospective .

I was going to start a thread on it as some CFL fans have done a tremendous job and shown a perspective from their seat and the other fans reaction at the game .

Here is one that I thought was really well done .

Since buying my latest Android TV box (the Nvidia Shield TV) I’ve been watching a remarkable amount of YouTube as primary entertainment; I’m kind of surprised at myself.

What would this creator’s club consist of, exactly? Our broadcast rights mean that no in-game footage can be shown during the season (unless it’s posted to or to the CFL mobile app); that would mean pretty serious limitations on timely analysis or recaps by third party creators.

I would hope for a culture on YouTube where the CFL is seen and heard. Where if the personalities on it just talked about the CFL the fans would know the CFL is worth being seen.

I’m attentive to detail, so I like to digest my information in an organized way. The first thing I see on YouTube when I type in “CFL” is all the illegal streams of CFL games from various users. I find this to be clutter. These should all be on the CFL’s own page anyway or preferably some streaming giant such as DAZN earning hard coin, but I would much personally rather the first thing I see when searching CFL is daily news and player interviews.

The CFL gets many new players each year. Maybe there’s a player out there with a story to tell–even the usual, such as escaping social injustice. For I see value in that. Surely it wouldn’t be hard to put a player in front of a computer with a camera. I’m sure new players would love to be better promoted.

Honestly, even a link from the CFL’s YouTube page to people who talked the CFL would be a plus in my book.

Plus the big advantage of having people who create social content for you is the CFL media team wouldn’t have to worry about missing something going viral when how they convey content to their subscribers is spontaneous.

I have to admit I’m also a bit of a YouTube junky.

I suggest CFLfan#31 for some pretty good content.