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Tiger-Cat Anthony Calvillo throws for 441 yards. I'm guessing 1995, maybe?

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Yes, that was from 1995. I had to look here to make sure of that:

I didn't think I'd get to see a clip of Calvillo throwing a TD pass to Earl Winfield (praise be his name.) :wink:

But it was great to get to see that.

In 96 he had 2x 500+ yard games.

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And these are Calvillo's numbers from that game, as I saw from checking here:

Name Year Team Att Comp % Yards Long TD % Ints % Rating
CALVILLO, A 1995-09-09 HAM TOR 53 29 54.7 439 48 3 5.7 2 3.8 85.4

Something that can also be seen on that page that I mentioned (by clicking where it says "1996")

CALVILLO, A 1996-10-06 HAM SSK 51 29 56.9 518 74 2 3.9 3 5.9 80.3
CALVILLO, A 1996-10-25 HAM MTL 50 37 74.0 542 70 3 6.0 4 8.0 95.6

Over 50 pass attempts in those two games. That's one reason he had as many passing yards as he has had. Interestingly, he threw more INTs than TD passes those two games in October '96. But to this day, the team record for most passing yards in a game set on October 25th 1996 still stands, as you can see here:

He did show that he had some potential then.