Youth no longer an excuse

For the last two years, Ticat faithful have had to listen to repeated comments about Hamilton being a young team, which was true, In 2009, I think some of that young talent has to step up and play like veterans, which is what they are.

Personally I am expecting bigger things from Chris Bauman, Jermaine Reid, JP Bekasiuk, Peter Dyakowski, and Cedric Gagne-Marcoux. These high draft picks will start to show why they were drafted as high as they were.

Obviously I am trying to be optimistic, but I like the fact that some proven players have been signed to compete for spots and there seems to be good depth heading into training camp, which should make for some spirited competition.

Let's also all remember that Cam Wake wasn't Cam Wake when he first joined the Lions, so let's hope that some of the new talent coming in this year might reveal another Cam Wake, playing in the black & gold.

Im being optamistic for the 2009 season, All the Good Player moves By Obie, the New Coaching staff, and The wide reciever screen has been torn out of the playbook! :twisted:

I was in the group that thought we were too young. Now that I look back at it, youth should never have been an excuse. There are no excuses. The reason why our young team didn’t play well was because of lack of CFL experience. You have guys in their late 20s who have never played a down of 3 down football, you can’t expect them to rely on their past successes in a 4 down game.

It’s all about experience. A lot of our guys played with us last year, so they have some CFL experience under their belt.