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I discussed on another thread Cory Watman. We all pay attention to Depop and his writings and I read earlier that the best part of the Randy Richards dangerous tackle was that Watman got to play.

I missed the first half. When I saw 69 I thought Brendan got hurt but then caught him at RT. I watched the second half over and over and Watman looked just fine. I don't know how the coaches will grade him out but he looked solid. I am all over #66 taking a breather (staying healthy so if and when a team needs a bonafide starter due to injury..........we can maybe get a 1st/2nd round pick and dump salary). Best is 33/34 years and his number has been called too often with holds/hands to face. His penalty late in first half was easy as a call as any..............bring on Watman.

Demski had a blemish and a drop but more of #9. Trade Getz.

Carroll..........sure he scored. Happy for the young guy but we need to see more.

I really could not get a handle on Mertile........but Unumba #22 looked pretty good. He didn't have to cover guys but he is effective blitzing and attacking the ball. I think Knox Jr had a 50/50 day but what is to be expected when you're adsjusting to the new job. My opinion is our weak link on D is our interior DL (George/Tennant/Connop). Derek Walker I thing need to groove in more because #93 just can't seem to get back in his 2014 form (that was dominant). If your interior isn't strong you better have great LB'ers (and we have two rookies there)..........the guts of our D are a problem. I am not throwing Tennant/Connop under the bus...........they are first year kids getting thrown into the fire..........maybe our pre-season planning between CC and BT is at fault?
DB's.........the question who will play this week. We have used 10-12 different guys and who is going to get some time this week. Continuity back there is just out the window.

But I want more Watman...........our goes a 34 yr old and in comes a 24/25 year old. And I gotta add Xavier Fulton is our best OL right now and has played really well.

Totally agree...and Best has great trade value right now...there are a lot of banged up DL guys right now and this has to be something a smart GM would look at. I would definitely be willing to move Best for a couple picks or a hot prospect....maybe Best for Richards and a 3rd or 4th...but you need to pull the trigger now while the Bombers are still in the hunt. Best would be a MASSIVE boost to their line in hopes of a GC run, and Richards means nothing to them here and now.

I have always believed that the club is putting Clark at C so that if they need to bring a guy in for relief that it is Watman because Clark can be a liability at times, but the more inside you move him the better hr is...pretty smart move really...though you risk Watman looking elsewhere.

I will say this though...I was pretty shocked with how little the Stamps blitzed with fresh meat Watman out there...need to see that first. They did some late, and he did okay, but hard to assess

Getz...yeah...speculation is he is already gone / on the block...we shall see. If he is not practicing tomorrow you have your answer. I believe they want to move him to land Jones, and I believe Jones will be cut loose next week. Not looking like the Giants are biting...will see if he explores options though. Remember...Getz is a FA. They can always say "go win a cup, see you next year" then make him a reasonable contract offer fir they feel they need him. It would have to be something very reasonable though, as I would make him more of a situational insurance policy within the next year or so

The team is considerably younger now than week one...even with saggy balls kicking they have dropped an average of 2 years in age or so...that is huge

I also agree on Mertile...I mentioned it before as well...he got rented out there several times. With limited action it is too be expected though for sure....only reason he is in is Hollins went down though. Knox filled in admirably for his first crack inside...shame about Doughty, because he seemed to be getting better each week. We have all said the same thing with the DL on the inside...I think it is pretty obvious, but the ratio is killing them...little doubt there. the guy...but he is having a sub-par year...even with the rook beside him. Tenant, IMO, is a keeper...Connop...idunno