Youth Football and health problems

Another study showing it is probably a good idea to stick with flag football until kids are at least into their teens.

Playing tackle football under the age of 12 exposes children to repetitive head impacts that may double their risk of developing behavioral problems and triple their chances of suffering depression later in life, according to a study published Tuesday in Nature magazine’s journal, Translational Psychiatry.

The research, conducted by Boston University’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center, provides the most powerful evidence to date that playing contact football before age 12 may cause brain changes throughout life.

There's not a more definitive word than may.

Or teach kids how to tackle properly?

Can't wait for some real medical evidence-based organization or even better our gov't health care system to produce a practice guideline on when kids should be allowed to play contact sports. Then we'll really have the definitive "best practice" policy on all of this for all time. :smiley: :-*

Wait, there are some guidelines related to this and as expected, I knew McMaster would be involved with this. 8) :wink:

Concussion: Return to Activity Guidelines Brochure