you're up

you're up!

I have been a season ticket holder for 23 years but have decided to not subscribe this year. If over three years this organization proves to me that they can offer a competitive team i will re-enter the ticket buying market.


same goes for me...I did not renew this year due to the fact that the team has underachieved badly for the past few seasons. There is still a chance that I MAY buy a new season ticket before the start of the season but I will have to wait and see what the team does to improve...if not then I will just look at a couple games this season and wait till this team is going in the right direction to buy season tickets again

Well i think they have already improved and the young O line will be another year older and wiser and i think this will be a key with Printers having decent recievers and a whole training camp under his belt .

I find Hamilton a very fickle sports town.

Whoknows isnt that the TRUTH !!!

I find you to be 100% correct!

I have been a Tiger Cat fan for 50 years. I have had seasons tickets in BOX J. I gave the tickets up when my wife was ill. I have travelled from Kitchener for many of the games. Nonetheless, try to stay positive the Cats are on a upswing.

i just didn’t get seasons because i tend to work late… but i’ll be there as much as possible.

"FICKLE FANS" Is what hamilton is all about!If its the Tigercats or the Bulldogs!You wouldnt beleive it last week this, me and my friend were talking in jackson square when this moron starting ranking how he hated Hamilton and how bad the Tigercats were,well this got a real good reaction from people telling this moron to shut up!He wanted to take us all on!LOL Like the old saying goes if you dont like it here then get out of here and dont let the door hit you on the way out! They "MORON WHINERS" show up every once and a while complaining ruining the fun of others!Lets chear up and try to have more fun this year thankyou!

I moved from Box J to sec 8

I moved from section 7 to section 8

fickle is not the proper is more like it.if a consumer is time and time again sold a poor product they will generally opt to spent there money elsewhere.

unless they are Maple Leaf fans, right Bunni?

I disagree. It is about supporting your team. if you want to call yourself a fan then come out and support. Yes there have been some bad teams but you aren't going to win all the time.

If you are only showing up when the team is strong then you are just a bandwagan jumper and not a true fan.

i agree with whoknows... I can understand people being upset with the team. I hate watching us lose. But that is why I go, to support the team, they don't want to lose either. Well atleast I don't think so.

If winning was easy everyone would do it...

Each year is a new season. I like the way 2008 looks now, we haven't lost a game yet.

There is a base of fans of about 13-15 thousand who feel that way, the rest of the fans spend money according to entertainment value and the team losing every year just doesnt cut it for families that might have more fun doing something else. not all fans are rabid ticat fans some are casual and THOSE are the ones this team needs and winning is how to attract them. A fan who goes to one or two games a year supports the team, not everyone has to buy seasons tickets. This is not a team having an off season, its a team having an off decade and people are finding other things to do.

hopefully the bangwagon won't be full when the Ticats start winning again peppertom
And win again they will. :-)

I wouldn't worry about people jumping onto
the bandwagon this year the cats still
have numerous weaknesses not resolved, the
only place they are strong in is at QB.
and that won't get them far.
I will wait until 2009 to jump on to that
wagen hopefully.

I bought, and Argo's STILL $ U C K :rockin:

Wasnt there a guy from Buffalo begging for your seat last year?Yah there was!Were not you the one saying you were moving to vegas then changed your mind?People give it a month,he will change his mind!LOL Dont worry he wont be missed if he moves!:wink: