Pretty simple, i mean, i'm not saying to FIRE MACK, heck no, i think he was given a team with very little to work with when he was hired in january 2010. I mean, i highly doubt any gm in the league could have done as much as he has for our bombers then what he's done. go wikipedia the 2009 roster, you notice several changes and i think for the good, you notice a few players who are even with our current team(january,morley,edwards,labbe,jovon,hef,stewart,logan,browne,renaud).

Anyways, you are named GM of the winnipeg blue bombers... You are JOE MACK even. I dont wanna hear stupidity like i'm quitting, im leaving, im whatever.HOW DO YOU FIX THIS ROSTER.. what are you're main priorities in 2012 moving forward to 2013. For example...

Oline - how do you go about fixing it for this year and next year and beyond. ME? i'd get del monaco out of here ASAP...I'd convince bob wylie to come up for the rest of this year and next year and even the year after, if need be i'd make him assistant coach, thats how important he is to my staff. Id then get rid of morley, trade him, release him, he's not good and he wont get better,Trade for Chris Best in SASK, give them a db like if you can get away with it..BEASLEY, if not then try Beasley and Demark? What im saying is basically get BEST from sask. Best replaces Morley this season. Taormina can be released, Swiston can play left tackle. OLINE for this year..January,Greaves,Sorenson,Best,Swiston. This off season i look at possibly upgrading my center position whether it be through free agency or the draft. Basically if i have 7 picks at this years draft, 3 of them are OLINE, probably 4 even. OLINE IS #1 PRIORITY.

Coaching also.. I'd keep Burke, Like i said, I'd bring in WYLIE as oline coach.(by any means neccesary). I'd get rid of every other coach we have,I'd ask Buck to become QB coach. I'd ask Lobendahn (rumored they were going too) to become LB'S coach. I'd let Burke chose the rest really. Why would i want buck and lobendahn as coaches? cuz i dont think veteran leadership is something that can be aquired via free agency. You might aswell add some to your coaching staff plus it seems like these 2 are quite the leaders and seem to be guys who have the respect of the players. The players who dont respect the coaches, they would be sent packing asap.. and if that includes guys like hefney or jovon johnson,so be it. SAYONARA.