You're Done

You're Done

They need to avoid a slump like last year.

It's also possible Duke could be a candidate for it if he keeps this production up.

I also wouldn't take my eye off Andrew Harris. He could be the first Canadian to push for the award since Cornish.

True, but Harris is more multi-dimensional. So while he might fall short of Cornish by a couple hundred yards rushing, I could see him put up twice as many receiving yards.

Cornish finished 2013 with 2157 yards from scrimmage and 14 scores.

Harris is on pace for 2178 yards and 18 scores.

Lots of football left to be played, but I believe the voters will be cheering for the national.

Right now, and things as they say can always change its a 3-horse race with Reilly being the #1 rabbit out of the chute - some great hoists and he’s lucky to have guys who can snag the big hoists out of the air . . . .

Harris is a relatively distant #2 just past the quarter pole - he’s limited by how much opposing defenses focus on nullifying him.

Duke Williams is an easy #3 because, well - he’s a Duke and we’re NOT . . . .

Sure-handed WR with decent yac yds. Like him very much . . . .

Rounding out the current candidates = a couple kick returners, Bo-Levi Mitchell (his incredible win-loss record always keeps him in consideration) and if he can wipe the turf and inflict Reilly with a couple losses - he’ll rapidly move up into the Top 3 (where he isn’t now)

FACT: Skill positions players are judged by yards and touchdowns.

FACT: Harris is on pace for a better season than Cornish’s 2013, MOP season.

FACT: Bears, beats, Battlestar Gallactica.

There is a lot of football left to be played. It’s too early to anoint an MOP. Even your subject post is followed by a question mark.

If the season ended today, Mike Reilly may be the MOP.

I am an Eskimo fan. I hope he does hit 6k yards and 40 TDs and wins MOP.

But Harris is having a great season and is a legit candidate.

I don’t see how this is controversial.

One thing is for sure, Reilly is the main reason the esks are not fighting with the lions for last place. The esk D is the worst of the 6 teams now sitting in playoff position. In some stats, they are worst than that. They are also the most Penalized team.

Can Reilly and the offense continue their pace, or will the D finally bring them down.

Weak defense could work out in his favor statistically.

IMO, there are 3 main purposes for D when they take the field

1 - Prevent points being scored on them. Esks are 6th in Offensive points allowed and 8th in Offensive TDs allowed and 8th in Rush TDs

2 - Field position. Give up as few yards as possible. Esks are 5th in Net yards and 8th in Rush yards.

3 - Limit time on field, give Offense more time. Esks are 8th in 2 and outs.

There needs to be balance between sack and rush yards given up, as well as balance between ints and pass yards/tds given up.

They do not have good balance between sacks and rush yards against. Int and Pass yards/tds is not too bad.

Overall, not good enough.

Last 4 games against bc, tor, tor, and mtl. Nothing to brag about there.

Field position helps the offense score, yes??

Give the offense more time, ok, I could have worded that better. Its about keeping your D off the field as much as possible and getting your O on the field again asap.

Balance between Sacks and Rush yards given up is quite simply a matter of not over blitzing and so forth creating more rush yards opportunity. What good is it to be high in sacks if you are 8th against the rush.

"only a fool..." your post was fine, if not filled with extra beyond the point argument, until you went insulting.

I will be happy to find out that my concerns about esk D is unfounded as I want Reilly to be MOP again, but that usually requires the team to do well.

Dude, I lived in Edmonton for several years and love the Eskimos.

Doesn't mean I can't give props to Andrew Harris.