Your Week 2 CFL Rankings

1 - Montreal (2-0) - A complete shock to me, I expected them to be in the basement of the east. Yet they've had two stellar wins, and Calvillo has looked incredible in both.

2 - Saskatchewan (2-0) - A little bit of a shock, as with Crandell at the helm I didn't expect as much out of the Grey Cup Champions. Yet they've proven me wrong, even without Crandell and Flick they managed to beat BC.

3 - Calgary (1-1) - After beating BC by 10 in week 1, they took part in a shootout against the Eskies, coming out on the losing end by just 3 points. Still the team looks good.

4 - Edmonton (1-1) - After taking a beating from Saskatchewan in week one, they pulled out a close win at home against Calgary, I'll need to see more from them before I'd consider bumping them past Calgary.

5 - Hamilton (1-1) - After having a poor home opener, and by poor I mean absolutely horrible. They managed to pound the Argos in Toronto, something they haven't done since 2001. After watching Montreal play Winnipeg, I get the feeling that the home opener wasn't as bad as first thought though.

6 - Toronto (1-1) - Beating Winnipeg in week 1, didn't seem like much of a victory for the team, they didn't play together, or very well for that matter. Follow that up with a pitiful performance against the 'Cats, and you have the worst 1-1 team in the league. Add in two question marks at QB, a pissed off owner, and a coach who looks lost, and you could have a very bad season by the Argos.

7 - BC (0-2) - To be honest, I wasn't sure whether or not to put Winnipeg or BC here, but since BC had lower expectations than that of the Grey Cup Finalist Blue Bombers, I figured that I'd give them #7. A huge shock to see the Lions 0-2 out of the gates, I would like to say I expect a turn around, but with Jackson at QB, that seems very unlikely.

8 - Winnipeg (0-2) - Complete shock, losing to Montreal is one thing, as they've looked incredible, but losing to the Argonauts is different. This team went to the Grey Cup last year, and it's basically the same team. I don't know what's going on, but it needs to be fixed or else Winnipeg may end up being the unlikely bottom team in the East.

If Winnipeg's and BC's QB play continues the way it has...maybe we will see a trade to toronto for a certain someone :o

With Montreal and Hamilton's play you won't see Toronto strenghten Winnipeg. Winnipeg is on its own :slight_smile:

  1. Montreal
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Calgary
  4. Hamilton
  5. Edmonton
  6. Toronto
  7. BC
  8. Winnipeg

It's only 1 win... against a team notorious for having poor run stoppages. Lets not get TOO far ahead of ourselves.

Ranking the 'Cats 4th or 5th.

I love them but man... until they prove a bit more (even though last game was AWESOME) I'm still keeping them down around 6-8.

With Edmonton pulling off a win... hard to say who's last.


1 Montreal
2 Winnipeg
3 Calgary
4 Hamilton
5 Edmonton
6 Toronto
7 BC
8 Regina

I really feel like Regina's wheels are about to fly right off.

They are WEEKLY rankings.. and in Week 2 The Cats were about the 4th or 5th best team!!

Lets just see how we do next week before we plan the parade route. I want them to win just as much as the next diehard... but if you follow this site it goes something like this...

  • We lose a game... fire the coach, coaches, GM, the mascot, trade the cheerleaders, ship the QB to Siberia, Go back to the old logo, trade the entire O-line for a case of Lakeport, etc...

  • We win a game... HOLY JESUS WE'RE GOING TO WIN IT ALL.

Hey, I'm still sticking to my guns and waiting for Taffee to prove himself again and I'm still realistic. But man oh man would I like to be proven wrong!!! go Cats go!

  1. Montreal
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton
  4. Hamilton
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Toronto
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Ottawa :wink:
  9. Moncton :lol:
  10. BC

Hey, consider this Ticat fans...we are second place in the East! How long has it been since we have been able to say that?

you do know saskatchewan is 2-0 right?

how are they ranked 5?

this is a weekly rating and this week Saskatchewan didnt play that well so they are being ranked lower

I would personally rank Saskatchwan lower as much as I love the riders recent injuries are going to come back to haunt them in the next few weeks.

I don’t care. I really don’t think they are that good after seeing how the other teams have performed. I know they beat Edmonton in week 1 but Edmonton was spectacular this week. Nobody would’ve beat them this week. Plus with all of their injuries they are gonna sink fast. Be glad they’re not ranked last.

Someone was into the sauce before he or she did their power rankings. Your next post will be a parade route, can't wait!

Maybe it will be. Stay tuned.

Here are Jim Lang's Rankings:

Saskatchewan at #1 ahead of montreal. I dont agree with that but it makes sense considering their 2-0. I think the eskies should be ranked better than #6 as well.

but i am okay with the cats in 4th ! :slight_smile:

Here are the TSN power rankings from week 2:

(Last updated: July 7th)
[1] Montreal (Last Week: T4)
[2] Saskatchewan (Last Week: T4)
[3] Calgary (Last Week: 1)
[4] B.C. (Last Week: 3)
[5] Toronto (Last Week: 2)
[6] Edmonton (Last Week: 7)
[7] Winnipeg (Last Week: 6)
[8] Hamilton (Last Week: 8)

Why are we still ranked 8th?!

Well a case can be made that the GC champ are unbeaten and a case can be made that they have three starters injured one of them being their starting QB who is week to week. The other one of their top receivers out indefinitely.

Like I said Before TSN Is So Pro Toronto
It makes me sick ..
We will get No Respect from TSN Panel

We could win next 5 and still be 8th..