Your vote on the GASS decision

This has bounced around for a couple of days over on the board. I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, But...

I'd appreciate some perspective of the fans of other teams. No This Is Not Trash Talk!

Please go to this link and vote and/or give us your take on it!

Aside from personal fan feelings, as one poster pointed out...this can be precedent setting...which would not be good for the CFL!

Please read it through and give it some thought :wink: AND VOTE :thup:

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what happens next time someone throws a helmet during a game?

....the decision, in my opinion, proves beyond doubt that the arbitration process needs some more fine-tuning.....

Makes the league look foolish. Players can't run the league...quit giving them avenues to escape discipline. The NFL would not allow such a thing. Playing the game is a privilege and the league sees fit how to conduct its image. The CFL's image is now tarnished cuz a player determines his fate not the league.

I don't think the players having the option to appeal to an independent source is the problem behind this issue.

I think there's 2 issues with the process:

  1. The process takes way too long, the CFL needs to rule within a couple of days of the incident ( if it happens on a Friday or Saturday the ruling should be in no later than Tuesday ) so that this doesn't take a month to complete.

  2. The arbitrator shouldn't be anyone local, you want the most fair process possible without any bias, or a portrayed bias.

I think those are the main issues, this Gass suspension talk / appeal / independent review took almost a month if im not mistaken, and then in the end was ruled on independently by a local judge who has season tickets.

The entire thing as it stands now gives the league a bad rep, the process needs to change.

I don't think you should throw a helmet, a pad or a Quarterback out of frustration. To have a player do that and be able to manipulate the league makes no sense.
He's already tagged himself for derision in every stadium, and any time an opposition player lays one on him, he'll know about it.
I think he should have accepted his ruling and gone on from there.

So fine the tuning that you might want to start with a 4" pipe wrench.

I think the Poll should of said ...Who is the Dirtiest player in the History of the CFL?

a) AJ Gass
b) AJ Gass
c) AJ Gass

This guy year after year continues to amass a record of cheap shots, late hits and now goes bonkers with the helmet incident.
He gets disciplined with a 1 game suspension (should have been life time), then weasels out of it by the use of an independent Eskimo fan arbitrator...What a joke !!!!

The arbitrator made the correct decision based on all evidence at hand. He was very fair and rational.

The arbitrator was a Joke..... he based his decision on the basis the helmet didn't Hit anyone while being flung and the penalty was inconsistent with other helmet flinging incidents.... so in other words no harm no foul????
Are we to wait next time for it to strike another player or perhaps a fan before one can say "one game suspension"

It was bad enough it happened but the fact it was the notorious AJ Gass, and he got away with it was the sickening factor

Gass should have been suspended for at least two games. The fact that it took two weeks during which he was allowed to play to make a decision is sickening. Now that he gets off is even worse.

You want bushleague? That is it.

LMAO...there has already been several of those :wink:

It seems that each generation has their favourites. :wink:

My concern with this decision is more about the undermining of the leagues Commish and with the way the arbitration process was handled. Gimme a Edmonton season ticket holder? :lol:

vote here...

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I said it when it happened and I will say it again. Horrible decision. My kids played for a minor football team that if they threw their helmet for any reason they were off the team.

He’s not undermining the Commish…Hugh Campbell is the real Commish! The arbitrator did exactly what the Commish wanted! :roll: