Your top FA, and what they're worth

Hey guys. I'm overly busy this time of the year, so I can't get in here as often as I want. But everytime I do, it's to find pages and pages of political debates. So I thought of injecting some fottball in your discussions.

Who, do you think, are the top remaining free agents, and what is the top amount you would pay to get them for a one year deal if you were a general manager? (Ok, I do know that it depends on your specific needs, but just give us your ballpark for each).

Here is my list of the Top 15 Free Agents:

1- Jason Tucker (Edm) - 210 000 2- Josh Ranek (Ott) - 150 000
3- Anwar Stewart (Mtl) - 140 000 4- Mike O'Shea (Tor) - 140 000
5- Korey Banks (Ott) - 115 000 6- Barrin Simpson (Bc) - 105 000
7- Jerome Haywood (Ott) - 100 000 8- Malcolm Frank (Edm) - 100 000
9- Richard Karikari (Mtl) - 100 000 10- Kyries Hebert (Ott) - 95 000
11- André Talbot (Tor) - 90 000 12- Jude St. John (Tor) - 85 000
13- Rob Kitchcock (Hml) - 75 000 14- Tom Canada (Wpg) - 70 000
15- Jon Ryan (Wpg) - 60 000 $

In all, I think it is an interesting year for free agents, as I would gladly hire every one of those 15.

The one free agent I wouldn't take even if he paid me would be the atrocious Ted White.

........Let's say we discuss this on the course while we're in Pheonix eh?.......think you're a little low on Tucker, Hebert and Ryan.......but all in all I like your list.....

1- Jason Tucker (Edm) - 235 000 (Comon Eskies! Sign him!!!) 2- Josh Ranek (Ott) - 185 000
3- Anwar Stewart (Mtl) - 140 000 4- Mike O'Shea (Tor) - 140 000
5- Richard KariKari (Mtl)- 150 000
6- Barrin Simpson (Bc) - 120 000 7- Korey Banks (Ott) - 125 000
8- Jerome Haywood (Ott) - 110 000 9- Kyries Hebert (Ott) - 100 000
10- Malcolm Frank (Edm) - 90 000 11- André Talbot (Tor) - 90 000
12- Jude St. John (Tor) - 85 000 13- Tom Canada (Wpg) - 80 000
15- Jon Ryan (Wpg) - 80 000 13- Rob Kitchcock (Hml) - 70 000

This is what I'd say.. I edited your list up a bit, prices, order

Wow. you really think Karikari will get 150?? Thats a lot of money. Admittedly he is a pretty good cdn DB but still.

Billy I think he will get that remember the other db getting 210,000 in the igloo! I think he is better then Sanchez! A team will pick him up or that or more.

i am hopin winnipeg resigns Tom Canada. He is a great part of our defense

Tom Canada...easily $100,000

Tucker and Ranek are definitely the top prizes in the years crop but it seems like every team other than ottawa has their star RB so Ranek would not get much on the free agent market

I could see Toronto offering him big money. They might no want to wait and see if Jeff Johnson is their man or if he was a few games wonder. And Avery must go. I mean, out of the whole CFL, or maybe he can stay as a backup, but he is one terrible starter.

Hamilton could want Ranek too. Lumsden is only Lumsden.

Or a team with a good runner could trade its own to get something they need and then sign Ranek. For instance, BC could trade Warren for o-linemen, and then sign Ranek. Warren is a quality back, as good as a receiver as a runner, but must come around at a cheaper price than Ranek, so... maybe...

3rd...shhhhh... Avery is awesome, keeeeep Avery......3.2 yds/carry is great #'s
Toronto would be a fool to let such a high priced talent go.

On a side note, I just checked,m Avery had a 4.8 yds/carry avg. The same as Troy Davis and Antonio Warren. Interesting, very interesting

3&10 as for Lumsden. He really did show alot of grea talent at the end of the season. He has great speed for his bigger size, and can beat alots of tackles. Given his chance this coming season he will most likely become a very successful backer. the man what ever he wants.

T & T, you forgot MTL ''biggest'' FA;
BIG Teddie White :wink:

I did not forget him. Re-read the last sentence of my original post...

...Barrin Simpson is rumoured to be talking serious with the Blue Bombers.....I think his value is quite a bit more than what you have him listed for Third...we''ll just see how much he is really worth after his talk with Taman in Feb.....probably the announcement of his signing shortly there after..... :wink:

What do I think Simpson is worth......somewhere around 150 G'S :!:
the rest of the salaries look like they're in the ballpark...

I would like the Riders to pick up Simpson. I think he would fit really well in our defence.

And papa, isn't it against the rules for teams to talk to players before that date in feb?? Didn't The Calgary guy get fined for that last year with the Burris fiasco.

...yes they can get fined....but with Simpson saying he wants no part of the Leos anymore the rules get a little fudged....B.C. know they ain't gonna sign him I think it's a wink wink nudge nudge...go somewhere else kind of scenario....Lions don't really if you were talking to would be a different story.....anyhow...good sources have said Barrin will be in WPG. with his family in can draw what ever you like from that..... :wink: