your top 8 receivers?

The Ticats worked with 8 receivers last year, they may work with more this year but let's just say for the sake of argument they only want 8. Who would be the 8 receivers that you would bring to the field and which 2 would go on the practice roster? My picks are:

  1. Prechae Rodriguez
  2. Chris Bauman
  3. Chris Davis
  4. Scott Mitchell
  5. Jo Jo Walker
  6. David Ball
  7. Willie Quinnie
  8. Johnie Morant
    PR1- Currie
    PR2- Ward

Your picks seem to be reasonable for the time being, but Obie says there may be 15 receivers in camp this year, so i don’t think we can pick a top 8 yet.

One thing we can be certain of is that somebody’s favourite will probably be cut. Bringing so many receivers to camp means they are looking to make some changes at those positions. I agree with your top three, though I put Davis as my number two. Bauman while I’m not sold on him, he is the leading non import candidate so he will make the team for sure.

We don’t know what Ball, Ward and Currie have yet. I guess that’s why we have training camp. I’m sure people’s opinions will change a few times during training camp. The good news is that we should have a good crop of receivers with all the competition.

Rodriguez, Davis and Bauman are seen as starters.

Guys like Scott Mitchell, Ernie Jackson and Jo Jo Walker will have to beat out some stiff rook competition in TC.

What about the French WR we drafted last year? I think his name was Laurent Lavigne-Masse. If I remember correctly, he turned quite a few heads but didn't stick around as wanted to finish up his last year of school.

Ah, those Parisien wide receivers :stuck_out_tongue: Not like that hardy French-Canadian stock :wink: :lol:

Mais oui mon vieu he's the fine lad from the nation of Quebec.

I'm not sure about Mitchell. He has the tools but when I think of him I seem to drop my thought.

I dunno, But David Ball runs fantastic routes and can catch a pass from nearly any angle and on top of that make a play with it. I don't think he'll have a problem making the starting roster.

Rempel will be in that group. If Bauman goes down you will need a NI replacement.

All this speculation is exactly that. Until camp starts and these WR compete anything can happen. The only safe bets are Rodriguez, Bauman, Davis and Rempel (unless another NI is brought in).

Mitchell was excellent last year whenever they threw the ball near him. I’m shocked to see fans thinking he won’t be a starter.

Ball is way better at bringing in hard to catch passes, running routes and making a move when he does get the ball. Mitchell may make the cut and he may not, who knows.

We had one. His first name is Jason...

Hmmm. Maybe I'm thinking about another Scott Mitchell. Could there be a third in the organization?

upon rethinking, here is my updated picks:

  1. Prechae Rodriguez
  2. Chris Bauman
  3. Chris Davis
  4. Chad Rempel
  5. David Ball
  6. Jo Jo Walker
  7. Scott Mitchell
  8. Johnie Morant
    PR1. Airese Currie
    PR2. Lashaun Ward

I have to agree with that. But I find interesting that Cohen hasn't been mentioned yet here anywhere in this thread. From what I recall last year, he did well on special teams. But he hopefully won't find it that easy to make the team this season as depth is something this team could use.

I hope that the Ticats dont zone into who they want to make the team and keep the guys who have the best camp . The Cats have to have the right mix of veterans and younger recievers to make it through a long 18 game season .

Last  season we had to many of the raw rookies who didnt have the experiance to help Printers out when he broke containment to the outside .   The veteran reciever that we did have got hurt and didnt really have his heart into what we expected out of him . The rookies while inexperianced have the gusto that we need to make it through the 18 games .The games they played last season will help them and having  PR for all the games and with the same QB from training camp on will make the pressure situations easier for Porter .

I am expecting alot out of Bauman this coming season , this is his time and we need him to become a leader and a go to guy on second and long situations . He will be our #1 non import reciever is he up for it ?? I hope so !!!

Cohan is a very good kick returner with speed this could save him. I don't think hes had much of a chance, seems to get lost in the numbers. ( as shown by this thread)

With Bauman being the only Canadian listed, perhaps the Ti-Cats are a bit thin at the Canadian receiver position & may look at drafting Matt Carter early in the upcoming college draft?

According to Drew Edwards Obie said he's probably going to draft a receiver in this years draft. Will it be Carter? Who knows. Could also be Scott Mchenry

Personally i'm not sure who we should bring in. If i'm correct in what I heard and Matt Carter is a SB, then he would probably be a good pickup. McHenry on the other hand might make a nice deep canadian threat.