Your top 5 strengths and weaknesses of the team this year

Just five, and try to be constructive and leave emotions at the door


  1. Recievers/QB Performance - As exepected we had a very high amount of receiving yards and a very high amount pass completions. Burris certainly showed that he still had it given the stats, and it's good to have a QB who will finally air out the ball now and then.

  2. Special Teams - Although we stalled during the first part of the season on kickoffs, Chris Williams and Onrea Jones have certainly cemented themselves as return men. Josh Bartel did an excellent job punting (and stopping returns when needed), Congi was spot on most of season and the special teams defense for the most part stopped returns at fairly short yardage.

  3. Run defense - Other then some brutal games vs Calgary and Winnipeg, our run defense typically held it's own this year.

  4. Offensive Play Calling - That cross route by William and Giguere, the end around plays by Giguere, mixing up running and passing plays in good measure and most of all, not going for short yardage passes on 2nd and 10.

  5. Running Game - Avon Colborne, I sincerely hope you are back for another year, because I saw a lot of great 5 yard gains and a lot of extra yardage pushes from you. I will take a consistent 5 yard back any day over a juke and wave 3 yard often, touchdown occasionally running back.


  1. Inability to cover screen passes - To me, the screen pass to the far side seemed to be the play our defense was completely incapable of defending. I think we managed to successful stop it twice this entire season.

  2. Lack of pressure on opposing QBs - Our sack tally speaks volumes in this regard, now I know we had some D.Line issues which are something that will need addressing, but also the lack of blitzing and not concealing blitz well was a problem.

  3. Turnovers - Burris had a above average number of interceptions, but bad fumbles also were a big factor. However another factor was the lack of them on the opposite side. A severe lack of interceptions occured this year.

  4. Non-Call Challenges - There were several games that we lost due to a reluctance to throw the challenge flag. A bit more confidence with that flag and a bit more liberal use of it is certainly called for.

  5. Offensive Miscommunication - There were many times Burris threw to an empty part of the field, now part of this is Burris not checking his reads, but the other is players not running the proper route.

So to pretty much sum up, Offensive coaching and talent is fine. Cortez's offense did well as did the players he had, apart from some hiccups. The lack of interceptions, pressure, coverage and occasional hiccup stopping the run are all issues due to players, bad defensive schemes and coaching. Now I'm more inclined towards blaming the coaching them I am towards blaming the players, but improvements do need to be made at defense, even if it is at the cost of trading a quality reciever.