Your Tiger Cat Momento?

[b]The Tiger Cats have a long proud history and no doubt every die hard fan has memories in their closet of the years past. Whether it be ticket stubs, programs, Ti-Cat peewee footballs, or game worn player jerseys, we love to save momentos to help us travel down memory lane when the snow is on the ground and the football season seems as far away as the Mohave Desert.

What items have you squirrled away to keep memories alive. Now don't go pulling them out and getting all teary eyed, :wink: just tell everyone a little bit about them here.

Do you have a 1950's program?

Maybe you have Ang Mosca's Post cereal card?

Do you have a piece of the old wooden goal posts that were torn down by excited fans when Ti-Cats on playoff games and advanced to Grey Cups?

Maybe you have Harold Ballards autograph?

Maybe you have one of Joe Montfords jock straps?

My most prized Ti-Cat momento is the original championship pennant which flew high above Civic Stadium (now Ivor Wynne) in 1964, after the Tiger Cats captured the Grey Cup in 1963. It has gold lettering with a red background. Hamilton beat BC that year 21-10. I also have many game stubs from box seats. (the price on ticket $5.50, lol)

Your turn. Tell us. :slight_smile:

Only been a fan a couple of i guess my jersey?

i have a ticket stub with the late john candys autograph on it

I would have to say my greatest memento isn't strictly ticats but all the CFL and that would be an autographed football from the qb's from the qb challenge this year and I got Rob Hitchcock to sign it as well

In the early seventies, my father used to take steel scraps from Stelco, where he worked, and weld them together into lamps, stand-up ashtrays, etc. in the shape of football players. The "helmets" were painted according to the favourite team of the person he as making it for. Kind of a cool personal memento.

Can't help mentioning one more - I had a set of those little helmets from Dairy Queen for many years (lost them in a recent move). Throughout my mid-teen years, I clipped my fingernails into the Argo helmet, and only emptied it when it was full. Kind of disgusting but, well, I was a teenage boy.

mightypope has you ALL beat...

He does indeed! LOL

Mine is a 1979 football autographed by the Tiger-Cats of that year which I won in a trivia contest held by The Spectator. The signatures have faded, but the memories havent!

Oski Wee Wee,

I have a Ryan Donnelly rookie card that he signed and gave to me when I was working as a bouncer at McMaster. Really nice guy.

The momentos of the Tigercats that I treasure are actually in my father's possession. I won a Ticat autographed football last Decemeber at the Chedoke Select fundraiser and then if you want history, he has a flag and pole that was borrowed from the timekeepers box sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's. I also have a black & yellow scarf that my late grandmother made for me for the 1972 Grey Cup.

86 & 87 Jogo uncut sheets, 92 all-world uncut foils, the last ball in play of 1999 between the Argos and Cats, 86 Grey cup game ball, Less Brownes one after ball, (the 68th)multiple $100 dinner items from Saskatchewan, (mugs & plates), 99 Grey Cup stadium banner, 1938 un-used seasons from the intercollegiate rugby league, a set of 60's(ish)cufflinks with ticat logo, a similiar year set of copper coasters, old ottawa RR lighter, (the ones with the floating logo inside), a presentation copper plate from 1971 claiming the Argos as Grey Cup champs,(was supposed to be destroyed after the game was decided), an un-opened set of 1971 'all-stars vs the Als' 22kt gold rimmed drinking glasses, the dairy queen helmets, a fair collection of autographed 8 x 10's including Joe Zuger,
a reasonable card collection (but nothing like Popes)a few jersies (one 99 Grey Cup worn)a couple press plates from card manufacturers, a few (im not sure how many) unused ticket sheets, and a smattering of programs.
There's quite a bit of stuff that I havn't thought to list but it's buried and just doesnt come to mind right now.
(a bunch of stuff fron the US expansion)
Two items I'd pay dearly to have... the can of beer that almost hit Rocket Ismail and a brass (or bronze) tiger's head that was meant to be inserted into the masonry at the HAAA grounds. Two were meant to be inserted but for whatever reason they only used one. I've spoke one time with a gentlemen that owns but it most definately wasn't for sale.

i was going to mention a certain game worn jersey, but after reading canucklehead's post, i am not worthy

Yeah my stuff's all stolen though, :slight_smile:

One jersey has the same value to one man as any amount of stuff to a guy that collects like he thinks he may be able to take it with him.
CFL memorabilia has very little $$$ value but tons of sentimental value and memories.

So C'mon......I'd sincerely like to hear who's jersey it is.

zambiasi jersey... numbers on the shoulders were painted on during those low-budget years, and the "31" is smeared by what I'm sure was a devastating shoulder delivered to an oncoming helmet...i refuse to attribute it to shoddy laundering

hey everybody - i've heard that there is a jim trimble football card somewhere out there - i am his grandson so obviously i have plenty of pictures of him but i would really like to know if he has an actual football card - since you were discussing memorabilia i figured this would be a good place to ask if any one has one or knows if there is one - thanks, zach

There's way more memories in a Zambiasi game used jersey than an un-used anything.

(painfull memories for the opposition)

Garney Henley autograph, from approx 1967.

Ticket stub from 1972 Grey Cup game I attended.

Black and yellow scarf my mother knitted for me, probably about 1967. It's the wrong shade, but I don't care.

Hi Zach, since you posted I've checked a couple CFL guides and no cards are listed, there is though a 1963 Nalleys coin (#71)listed.
They were distrubuted in bags of chips.

If you were to watch Ebay one will probably turn up eventually, most likely in a lot (with other coins) but you just keep what you need and resell. :wink:

I just have the autographs I got when we were travelling back from Montreal, on the train, in 1999 after getting bommbed 52-19.

We (my wife and I) had such a good time sitting with DMac, Darren Flutie, Andrew Grigg, Dave Hack and the others. After this game, the 'Cats proved what kind of team they were by winning the Grey Cup!!

That is my best far!

OK I have a good one for you.
THis item belonged to my late grandfather
so I assume it is of the early 50s vintage. It is a clay CFL football hollowed out about eight inches long or so. The one end is cut of just past the white line and a yellow tigers head with a white helmet (with Ti Cat logo) swings from a pin kinda the first bobble head you could say. Ill take a pic and post it if anyone is interested.

I bow down to canucklehead, and the rumoured riches of mightypope if they are greater than c-h. I'm rather fond of the eight-foot scarf my wife knit, with the cheer at one end and the Grey Cup years at the other. Beyond a modest card collection, I also have two original photographs of the Hamilton Alerts taken (I think) at the HAAA grounds, one in 1909 and the other in 1912, as well as the October through December payroll sheet for the 1912 Grey Cup Champs. For sheer cheese value, though, my favourite might be the Ticat-helmet patio lights that came out three years ago, since the black helmets are so dark you can't see the light through them. Another reason to bring back the gold helmets!