Your Ticats Lineup if everyone ws healthy

WOW , this is the closest we have been all year to being 100 % healthy.

So the question is what is your lineup if everyone where healthy ?
Ok here is mine

QB Burris , LeFevour, Masoli
RB Gable
FB Delahunt

WR Giguere
WR Tasker
SB Fantuz
SB Grant
SB Ellingson

LT Simmons
LG Dyakowski
C Hage
RT Figueroa

KR/PR and occasional offence - BANKS
P Bartell
PK Congi

DE Boudreaux
DT Davis
DT Bulcke
DE Norwood

WIL Lawrence
MLB Johnson
SAM Isaac

CB Breaux
HB Mccolough
CB Murray
HB Hobbs
S Stephen

If I had more time I would love Jamal back to WIL and maybe try Bowman at MLB and see if Lawrence can play SAM otherwise put Murray at Sam and E.Davis at corner

I replaced Onrea Jones with Tasker just better at getting those YAC yards .
Banks is still best served as an extra receiver and not good enough to bump on eof the 3 imports . I figure Tasker has enough speed

I'd go with Jones over Tasker, because he's a better return man if you two guys back there.

EXACTLY! Jones is a very valuable player to have in the line-up. He's tough, durable, dependable, reliable. Rarely drops a pass, actually I can't remember the last time he dropped a pass. Doesn't fumble. Always fields punts & licks cleanly. Blocks, tackles, takes hits, does everything the coaches ask of him.

Here's my lineup against MTL for the EDSF.

Simmons LT
Dyakowski LG
O'Neill C
Wojt RG
Figueroa RT
Delahunt TE
Diedrck FB
Gable TB
Walker TB
Grant WR
Fantuz WR
Masoli QB

I'm playing the wishbone option offense ladies & gents. Gonna grind it out & own the clock. 6 NI's on offense. Allows me to Play Bulcke as the lone NI on defense & an all import secondary. Not that they'll see the field much since I'm playing 3 down football all game with my flexbone option offense! I'm not even dressing a punter! In fact if it was up to me, I'd go for 2 pts everytime. No FG'S. Onside kick everytime!

Ahhhhh ... I'm just kidding around ... or am I?

It's pretty sad that they can't even activate Sticky for this game it could be his last in Steeltown that's one thing that I don't agree with the Austin Regime is that Dave doesn't get any playing time , next year I hope Stalla can finish his career as a Starter for the Red Blacks

Sticky not only is playing today,he is STARTING today's game.Stala has been on the game 42 except for 1 game since coming back from I.L. Unfortunately this year,he hasn't seen the field that much,and this is most likely his final run as a Ti-Cat player.I predict one of two things next season.....Stala retires or signs on with the REDBLACKS aka Checkerboards.