Your Ticat Scarf is helping alot of people fight cancer!

Please check out this link. Thanks to you the Ticat fan community, Wellwood has an amazing new building and your scarf money will entirely go towards their programs! I've never been more proud to be a Ticat fan! Thank you to Greg Dunnet, the Ticats, Bill McGrath and all the CFLFFC volunteers!

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Bought one at IWS and wear it proudly Jare. Great initiative. :thup:

Thank you Jare for all the work you do for this worthy cause.

Pssst...if you look through the slide show you'll see the prototype of this year's scarf.
It's a very cool, two sided scarf proudly announcing where we're from!

I'm curious to know whether or not it's longer than last year's. I found it to be rather short. Other than that, though, the new one looks better than last year's. Do you have another pic that displays the scarf more up-close?

It is a longer and wider scarf, definitely more banner style that can wrap around your neck to keep you warm.

Awesome, thanks! I'll buy one at my earliest possible convenience, just like last year. :slight_smile: