Your thoughts on todays events?

Poll Time...

Here's what we know (or thought we knew)...

  • Story appears on WVU sites saying Taaffe is leaving
  • Local media pick up the story
  • Member of athletics dept says Taaffe did interview and WAS in Virginia yesterday
  • Silence for about 4 hours
  • Cats issue 2 media statements saying Taaffe did not sign however there are holes in both statements
  • Mitchell goes on radio and talks about Taaffe being under contract but will not directly answer the question "Will Charlie Taaffe coach the Cats in 08" with a YES or a NO.

Theres the gist of what happened today... now as the debates continue i must ask... what say you?

YES or NO?


What say you?

i say yes i do want him to coach here until they prove he actually indeed wants out that's the plan for this season.
we all know he was pro acting before obie retained him because he had to in case he wasn't brought back.
i think mitchell wants to weed out some of these wvu "sources" before he says much more.

maybe blindly, but i gotta keep my faith in charlie being honest. i mean, he is APPARENTLY our head coach this season, right?

I have to Keep my Faith in Charlie Until
I am told other wise he is going

Correction, the story first appeared Wed afternoon/evening on a sports site which covers WVU news. The site was not affiliated with WVU DIrectly. It seems to me that a reporter at the Gazette/Dail Mail saw this report and ran with it. Given how crazy yesterday was, there's still a 65 to 70 percent chance that Charlie is leaving. Mostly because the denials by WVU weren't real denials, and the requests to confirm candidates kept being rebuffed with "No names will be released until they pass a background check." So take that how you will. I'll be honest This leak was started by somebody I'd have to believe that is attached to WVU AThletics. A number of us are really upset with the athletic department and this is just one more evidence that its time for us to clean house there, regardless what happens.

Charlie will stay.

He will be disappointed because he will miss out
on a better paying job than the Tiger Cat job

at a top U.S. college where he would be
working under a friend as his Head Coach.

His carefully crafted denials yesterday
show he is reluctant to back away from it.

When he is convinced that the Ticats
will hold him to his contract

he will put this all behind him
and put 100% into coaching the Ticats.

I predict that the Cats will attempt to fire Taffe with cause ( meaning they don't have to pay him)and sue WV and Taffe for damages

I'm sure they would love to sue and that but this is sport and I doubt that this image of suing another team is what the Cats want in the press, they will get blackballed by WVU who will not recommend college players in the US to come here. There will be some deal behind the scenes, if Charlie does leave, and the announcement will be something like "we are disappointed with Charlie leaving however all the best to him and his future endeavours" type of thing.

I think if Charlie wants the other job and everybody knows he does, then we should let him go. Do we want a coach that wants to be somewhere else, so i say he gos.

A valid point, BUT, Charlie signed a contrat less than a month ago and STILL WV and Taffe talk knowing that the Cats wouldnot be able to find a replacement at this late date. Simply put there is more for the CFL club to lose by doing nothing than doing something. Besides the CFL doesn't need the NCAA's permision to sign graduates. The only thing that might happen is that Hamilton would have to pay for tickets for their scouts

I say we need Charlies heart in his job things will be tough enough as it is.

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It isn't dying. So I think he's gone, unless he can pick up a phone and tell somebody, ANYBODY in the media that he will coach the Cats in 2008, no questions asked. Unless I've missed something, he STILL hasn't been that definitive.

Greasing skids shouldn't take so long, eh?

Oski Wee Wee,

Other than scott mitchell ,it appears the only media that has spoken to coach taffe is the charleston gazette which says taffe was interested in wvu last night and that they did not apologize to the cats. How tough is it to get a public denial from taffe directly?

Dont think we'll get one at this point...

Another vote for the NO camp.

I think that Taafe is gone. This story didn't come from nowhere and they have tried to hush it up but failed to do so. If Taafe doesn't want to be here then get out. He didn't show me any leadership last year anyway. He picked the staff and failed with that. The team was one of the most undisciplined teams I have ever seen. He picked alot of the wrong players coming out of camp and we had airlifts all year. He didn't seem to have answers for anything all year. If he wants to go he can get lost go to WVU and we can bring in someone who wants to be a headcoach here,like the other Greg Marshall.

Just my opinion.

Thanks, Crash. Obie comes to the rescue with clarity! LMAO

50-50 is being polite on the odds board. He's gone.

Oski Wee Wee,

The Problem is We have Hire the Staff
I am sure a Head Coach would want to pick his own Staff.

We could be on hook for a lot of Contacts.
I am Disappointed if this is the case and Charlie Leaves.

Yes Onknight that is the problem. Say, for example, they bring in Greg Marshall from Winnipeg or Richie Hall from Saskatchewan. Both would be excellent choices in my opinion, but what then of Creehan? Marshall and Hall are both defensive guys, and if they don't agree with Creehan's defensive philosophy, what then? Fire Creehan after just hiring him a week or so ago?

Obie has to say, look lads get on the same page or your out of here…In so many words.

Etiquette and society dictates that I can't use profanity to describe our Head Coach... God knows I would love to use some to describe this back-stabbing action.

Contracts are contracts and you don't sign one based on the fact that it is today's best offer. Be a man Charlie and stand behind your word. You are only as good as what you sign on the dotted line.

Personally, I don't want him here regardless of what the outcome is. Commitment starts at the top and works its way down. This is the SECOND time Chuckles wants to abandon the CFL for the US college system... this time get lost for good... you would have to be a complete idiot to ever look at this jerk as a CFL coach anywhere again.

Take a hike Charlie and don't come back to Canada.

P.S. Canada post has a delivery notice for you... your spine is waiting for you in West Virginia. Good riddance!!!