your thoughts on this..

I was at that game, it was over by halftime. Maybe that's why you left?

I was at that game, it was the Roughriders and the final score was 46-36 for the riders, who score 30 of their 46 points in the 2nd quarter. That game in my opinion (which means nothing) was one of the most exciting games last season.

You're thinking of the home opener for the argos, the SEASON opener was in Hamilton where it was something like 23-6 at halftime for T.O.

You're right my bad. This fan should have went to the ARGO home opener. I thought minus the 2nd quarter it was a great game.

Yes, because the Raiders, Browns, Lions, Redskins, and Texans field such competitive, exciting-to-watch teams every year.... :roll: :roll:

Who cares what a bunch of troglodytes think of the CFL? TV ratings are consistent strong. There's a market out there and TSN is tapping into it. Let's be happy that the league is in good shape (assuming the Hamilton stadium issue gets sorted out) and enjoy three-down football.

Actually, the Texans have been steadily improving. But I agree. :lol:

True. But then there's the Bills and Chiefs... :wink: