Your thoughts on the Edmonton/Lions pre-season game

Okay Lions and Lionesses. Time to give your impressions of the Lions’ second pre-season game. So-so? Terrible? Same old same old? Been there done that?

I know many of these guys were rookies trying to make the team but what do you think about the veterans? I thought for sure B.C. was going to win this game. What a way to lose it. Off-side on a field goal. Yikes- the Lions find yet another creative way to drop a game. Hope this is not of things to come. Full credit to the Lions for coming back from a 14 point deficit after the half. Now if only they can just blow the final whistle as soon as the Lions take the lead near the end of the game. :lol:

The O-Line and secondary really worry me. How many times was Printers or Lulay running for their lives??? Too many. Also how easy was it for the Eskies to gain 10-15 yars per throw with troubling ease?
Once these are fixed I know we're going to be a real force to be reckoned with! Robertson looked solid in the back and our recievers looked great. Our D Line wasn't too bad and our downfield coverage except for a rookie mistake or two was good.

When was the last time that the Lions had a solid O-Line??? :oops:

They will fix our o-line i gurantee you we will beat Edmonton in Edmonton on July 4th..for our first game and the Sask game will be rocking.Opening night butieful 20 degree evening.

I thought Lulay had a better outing than Printers. Printers forced the ball several times to receivers that were covered. Printers only had one interception but he could have had three. I am still one of the Casey doubters that need convincing.

I would have liked to see the Canadian kid Harris get more carries. While Robertson seemed to do okay, have we really seen this kid Harris's potential yet?

Hmm I posted yesterday but seems it vanished some how??

Anyway like you Sportsman... my thoughts on Printers are still the same, he does not seem to be able to read the defence and runs around far too long hoping someone will be open. Yes he had all those yards passing but on what 2 passes. However I was impressed by Lulay and his ability to play like a leader. He looked far more poised that Printers. Also what happened to Mr. Mcallum, really bad punting.. guess he does not want to keep his job.

Other notes I like Henderson.. thought he played well and showed his energy. Also liked Messan, and think Lee could be a good addition to the team.

"He [Lulay] looked far more poised that Printers."

That's it! LeoFan is spot on. I was quite impressed with Lulay's play yesterday and yes, he does remained poised when under pressure. He's an intelligent player. He sees the entire field when under pressure and does not panic. My concern is whether or not he's physically resilient and will last. The O Line is going to have to be much much better at protecting its QB than it was last year. I still think Wally will go with experience. The one thing I hope Wally doesn't display is what appears to be a stubbornness. I remember crucial games where he stayed with the QB even though the QB was self-destructing. He simply refused to make a QB change that might have made all the difference in the world.

That is so true. Loyal to a fault.

Recall the 2004 Grey Cup. Behind to the Argos at halftime. . . the league's most outstanding player that season remained nailed to the bench for the second half.

Of Grey Cup mistakes, that ranks right up there with Don Matthews benching his two starting corners for a Grey Cup and inserting two raw rookies, whom Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker then torched mercilessly for an Edmonton victory.

Common Wally! Enough is enough!!
FIX the O-LINE! Time to get tough!
We know you’re a nice guy - loyal - that’s great,
but dangit! Fix it before it’s too late!

I agree about Lulay being more poised, I wasn't there, but listening to Gulio, it was clear Lulay managed the offence better in this game, it sounded like he was reading the defence and choosing the right recievers well.

100% agreed. Every other area looks promising except for the big boys. With the glut of non-imports around, maybe another starting import O-liner might be the ticket.

What I find perplexing is Buono has always had solid O-lines both here and in Calgary. How come last year (and from what looks like so far) this year we’re not going to be able to pick up even a four man rush. Has he lost his touch for picking the right guys?

On another note, I think people worrying about the secondary need to calm down a bit.  We didnt throw a single wrinkle at Edmonton, so naturally a quality QB should be able to get comfortable and pick the defence apart to some extent.